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Google has dropped the ball 2:17
I’m picking up where Google has dropped the ball. And that is do no evil. Right? They’ve, they, they forgotten that. So yeah, I’m gonna run with that from them. How’s that?

Shoan 2:28
Yeah. And they’re, they’re really kind of like when it comes to segmenting. Like, that’s not the place really to do that. Is that what you’re talking about?

Google is doing evil 2:38
No, I’m just saying, I think Google is doing evil.

And so maybe it’s the golden rule, right. Do unto others? Right.

Retooling my sales training program 2:48
You know, I just try to be consistent in that regard. I mean, I’ve I’ve turned away business, I’ve walked away from business of refunded business, right? If it wasn’t the right fit, or whatever. And, and, you know, as soon as we, in this conversation, you know, I’m sending out an email blast to my list. I’m retooling my my sales training program, it’s going to be $49 99 cents a month, unlimited access, you know, because I’m just, I want to help people, I can’t do it. 100% for free, right. And even if I gave it away for free, people wouldn’t value it. Right. So I got to charge a little bit. You know, I’m just so over the years like, my, my mission has changed. It’s always been to help people. Right? It’s, it’s to get paid well, helping people succeed in business. And, but I’ve just kissed enough frogs. And I think the coaching consulting guru industry is, is about to implode on itself. Right? And too many people making a quick buck, following the breakage model following the gymnasium model, right? The fitness center, hey, let me let me build a gym that holds 500 people, but I’m going to sell 50,000 memberships, because I know only 1% are ever going to use it. Right? You know, and it’s like, I don’t want that I I have called people. I have two clients right now that I called and I voluntarily extended their time. Yeah, because it was a 90 day consulting, and they just got in over their heads. They were too busy. And I said, Dude, we’re going to extend this, you know, and it’s a double edged sword, right? Because if people think if there’s no deadline, if there’s no urgency, then they won’t get to work. Right? Right. So I don’t do that with everybody. But in certain circumstances, when I know, either, either, they had bad things happen, right? And, and it was just a mess. Or they’re just really moving and grooving. And and they’re, they’re going quickly, and they can’t utilize my services, my expertise, then I’ll extend it, right, because I am not here just to get paid.

Yeah. And there’s all these gurus, you know, these people, like, no one’s ever failed in my program, but what happens is, they’re very selective who they pick, right? It’s like, it’s like they, they they get Tiger Woods, you know, when he’s when he’s got a two foot pot left on the 18th hole, you know, the 72nd hole, right? After four days. And they’re like, yeah, tired. So it’s a pretty straight punch, just go ahead and knock it in there. Like, everyone I coach wins their tournaments, see? And like, okay, dude. Now, there’s a talent and a skill to picking your clients and I talked about disqualifying. Yeah, you should disqualify your prospects not qualify them. Right. So there’s, there’s some value in that, you know, but these guys, they go find either desperate people that have money, or successful people, honestly, that are just lonely. It really is lonely at the top, you know, there’s people out there making half a million 1,000,005 million dollars, they’re turning away and, and they’re lonely, they’re empty. There, they find money really doesn’t buy happiness. So they’re looking for a tribe. I mean, at our core, we are, we’re social beings. And so these guys are going to have this, this $5,000 a month, you know, program is $50,000 a year. silver, platinum, titanium, Double Diamond, Ruby, VIP inner circle group. And people fall for it. Right? You know, and I don’t know, maybe Bill Gates needs a million dollar mastermind.

$49 sales program 7:33
It’s not new, it’s, it’s 30 day sales, growth? 30 day sales? Okay. And I have, I mean, when I started the sales whisper in Oh, six, I mean, I was I was cold, calling people inviting them to a workshop and, and the upsell was to meet one on one. And then the close was to sign up for live sales training that I did back then we met every week in person. You know, I didn’t have a website and have a merchant account. I wasn’t Incorporated. So over the years, you know, I’ve brought that online, the courses are virtual. I’ve made a lot of content, entire video series workbooks programs that are delivered digitally. But I, I know, personally, I’ve bought a lot of stuff that I haven’t finished, a lot of things haven’t even opened. Yeah, and I look back to like, how I got my start. And it was signing up, I signed up for a 12 week, Tella class, this was in a sign up at the end of Oh, five, it started in early of six, I got a PDF and live calls for 12 weeks. And it was that accountability, that consistency, the, the the patient’s right, the diligence, you’re not gonna learn something in in a 24 hour, 48 hour, you know, cram course, you know, you’ll you’ll learn some things, but it’s the repetition that makes it sink in, right? I’ve learned something, go do it. How did it work, come back, adjust, go back. And so I’ve had this course, I’ve had it like at $1,000 for lifetime access thousand dollars a year and we bounce around, but it’s like, it just never felt right to me. I’d rather I know personally, if there’s a deadline, I’m going to do better. I find know each week, I’ve got to prepare content and lead people, I’m going to read more, I’m going to write more just keeps me on my toes. And I know when people call in and check in, they’re more accountable, they get more out of it. And so I didn’t want cost to be an issue. You know, I have I’ve made great income from selling software, right, I’ve got residual income. I have affiliate income, I do private coaching and consulting. I just got back from Nashville training, you know, multi million dollar company 15 people for two days. So I’m making money. I don’t, I don’t need to have some high dollar program to you know, buy a Lamborghini. Right. So let’s make it affordable. And you know, I’ve just updated the website this week. And, you know, I’m telling people, there’s no catch, there’s no fine print, there is not an annual contract, there’s actually a one year guarantee, if they plug in for a whole year, and don’t grow, I’ll give them their money back. It’s only I would only be what 600 bucks, right? In a year. So, but I want people plugging in, I want them growing, you know, and you know, the catch is just like I did, I enrolled in that guy’s program, I liked him so much. And I grew so much. You know, basically, my boss was like, What are you doing, I’m like, I took this course and I bought it on my own, he wouldn’t pay for it. And I brought that guy into our company. So he made a lot more money, he probably made more money training my small startup in oh seven than he made from the whole course of students, right? That went through the virtual course. Right? So, you know, if I have hundreds of people growing, because of me, they’re going to tell their boss, they’re going to tell someone else I’m gonna get I’m gonna hire as a keynote speaker, I’m gonna get business consulting, they’re going to buy software from me. So, you know, that’s the quote unquote, hidden agenda.

Shoan 11:35
Yeah, you know, it’s funny, because a lot of times people go on price. And they go on that Lamborghini, and that mansion and all that stuff. And I spend a lot of money on coaching. And I mean, I’ve had a really high end coach, and you know, and then he, he passed me on to one of his coaches, and I’m when they changed my business model, and they wanted to meet you. And I did everything they said, and it just like, and now I have a guy that is an employee for a company. And I talked to him every other week, and I’ve been getting more done on on and I’ve paid a fraction of the price. And I’ve got more value, right? Because these guys really, like, understand my model and what I’m doing and and where I’m going, and they see my vision. So with your sales things, yours kind of fit like sales. I don’t want to say sales and sales and sales. But in your sales program, what is what kind of differentiates it from other sales programs? It’s like a common question, but it needs to be asked.

A golf pro is a golf pro. Right? 12:41
Yeah, and and you’re right. But it’s, it’s kind of like saying, you know, a golf pro is a golf pro. Right? I mean, how many different ways can you really teach someone to hit a golf ball with a square club face with the downward impact with the accelerated swing, that’s all you’re doing. That’s all golf is if you can hit down on the ball with the club face and accelerate through impact. You’re a great golfer, right? But there’s zillions of golf pros out there. And so you have to look at someone that that resonates with you, that kind of matches your style. Maybe someone’s very analytical, maybe someone is New Age, maybe someone is faith based. Maybe someone is just sales, maybe like me, they’re focused, they’re more well rounded, understand marketing, copywriting, CRM systems, things like that, right? they’ve written a book, do they have membership programs? So you may not want all that. Right. So So you got to look at that. And, you know, what, what is the flavor of that person? Right, what has a counterbalance? You know, I was in the Air Force. I’ve got seven kids been married for 24 years. All that flavors, my delivery in my approach? Yeah. You just got to see like, does that resonate with you?

I got a message. 15:25
Well, I mean, everything you’ve ever done is going to impact you know, in flavor, your delivery, your perceptions, right. I mean, you you have a different life. You know, being sober being single, I mean, those are different things. You it’s just so it’s just a matter of what resonates. Right. What do we need right now. And the nice thing is, you know, the, I don’t have the same sales coach from 2006. He and I are still friends. I worked with him closely. I hired him for private work, you know, and so we worked together closely for two and a half, three years, right. But just like Tiger Woods doesn’t have the same golf coach. I went through many golf pros. I mean, sometimes it was because I moved, but sometimes, like my game evolved, and it was time to get different assistance. Right? So but pricing this so low 4999, you could literally just run it forever. I mean, people, people’s, you know, they buy a first round of drinks, they spend more than 50 bucks when I go to the bar, yeah, on a Thursday night. So and it’s not meant to be forgotten, right. But it’s like, all right, if you tune in one call a week, if you hop on the private group, ask one question, and I answer it, and it helps you. Be I got a message. Imagine if you’re making $100,000 to to several hundred thousand, even a minute. And you’ve got a problem? You got a question? It’s probably more than a $50 question. Right? So if I can solve that problem, and again, let’s say it’s you go you go the whole year, 600 bucks. Can I can I help you solve one thing that creates more than $600 in value for you for the year? Yeah, I would say yes. You know, but the problem is, they people get involved in these high level masterminds is called high dollar things. And if you got the money, by all means, surround yourself with good people. And I believe in belonging to multiple things, right? If you can afford it, if you can listen and apply what you learn, right? Okay. Yeah. But they, a lot of times it’s a gimmick, it’s a ploy, and they’re like, it needs to be painful. You gotta pay get dig until it hurts, because then you’re going to focus
people stretch. I’m in this $25,000 mastermind, right? I can’t rub two nickels together. I’ve seen people. I was I was in a program two months ago. And there was a young man in there that was living on people’s couches. Yeah. And, and he used to be in this guy’s program in the past the first time I’d gone to this guy’s course. And it was very good. You know, I don’t think I’ll go back. But this guy had been in a higher dollar program before. Yeah, came back. And he admitted he didn’t. He didn’t apply what he learned previously. Yeah, he’s, he’s stretching and it’s just like, I’m tired of the crap. I think all this again, is going to come full circle. We’ve been, you know, fed a bunch of BS. And now it’s like, my, my AI chat bot robot is talking near a chatbot, robot VA overseas assistant, and nobody’s connecting.

Shoan 19:06
So is that your new tagline? I’m tired of the crap. Yeah.
Can I can I hashtag that? west for governor?

Wes 19:16
Amen. We’ve talked about automation, man, you got me all fired up?

Jujitsu. 20:42
same thing. You I mean, you read a book, right? You watch a movie and the nuances and the subtleties come out. Over and over again. It’s, yeah, it’s, you know, I apply it to jujitsu. You know, I’ve been doing this now. Two and a half years. Five years ago, five to six days a week. And I mean, some days I’m tired. Like, last night, I didn’t sleep, man. I mean, for whatever reason, dogs jumping on the bed, baby gets in the bed. But I’m going to go today, or I’ll go at noon, on rich for life, by the way. And you know, and being tired, this probably won’t be my best day, right? I’ll probably lose some matches that I might normally win. But I always, you know, the classes are 90 minutes. Right? And, and I always pick up something. And 99.9% of the time. It’s very subtle. It’s literally like moving the hand. You know, instead of gripping, you know, this way you turn the hand so it’s tighter grip. It’s it’s always literally the they call it call football game of inches. I mean, jujitsu is like a game of millimeters. Right? It matters if my elbows on the left side of your head or the right side of your head when I’m trying for an on lock or something. So it so I’m always glad that I go. Even if I you know, I don’t have the greatest most stellar performance, but showing up it, things come in, because and literally every time I have a problem, somebody shows me the solution is so simple.

Jujitsu. It’s not gymnastics, right? It’s not like, you know, scale this wall with just your fingertips. You know, it’s like, oh, yeah, go here, go here. I’m like, new way that has that has stopped me for two years. And but you’re in the middle of it, and you can’t see it? Yeah, I can’t see the problem. That’s why I golf pro, you know, swing the club three times, like octane exactly what you’re doing. Yeah. And they’re right, right, because they have 2030 years experience. But they’re also a detached, neutral third party, outside observer. Right, you know, you can’t read the label from inside the bottle. So many times right now, I’ll sees people so like, are the guy that leaves our school, right? He twice a week. I mean, he’s 34 years, he’s been training. Twice a week, he goes to San Diego, to train with his peers and even superiors. So other people fill in any also he travels to compete in tournaments. So others will fill in. And so guys feelings like, hey, let’s just do let’s work on the basics today. And you’ll hear other people Oh, man, like, they want to learn this fancy move. But the reality is, they haven’t mastered the fundamentals.

Understanding the value of the fundamentals 24:29
You know, but the problem is, you don’t understand the value of the fundamentals until you fail and get frustrated, you know, there’s a kid, he’s been coming maybe six months, and, and we were sparring the other day. And, and I’m teaching him through some things. I mean, I’m bigger than him and a couple years experience on them. So he’s not gonna win, not right now. Okay, so I’m kind of I’m going to like 70% 60% and letting him work and just not smashing him. And he’s, he’s doing some things wrong. I’m like, dude. So you know, these drills we do, because every class we do certain warm up drills, right? You know why we do these, like, right here, right now? Look, here’s move. Number one. He’s like, oh, here’s move. Number two, oh, that’s why we drove those two moves every single day as part of our warm ups. You’re not doing the fundamentals. So who cares? If you know, steps 18 through 127,000 you’re not getting steps? 12123 you’ll never get to 18. So here that, you know, move 1642 who never gonna get past moves one and two. So I don’t have to worry about it. Right, you know, so the fundamentals matter. I like you, that’s that’s all that

Time kills deals 27:13
yeah, there’s, you know, there’s always conflicting advice, right? There’s no nothing just 100% because on the one hand, time kills deals. Right? Right. But what that means really is if you’re slow responding and acknowledging the person, you know, if somebody reaches out, you know, answer the phone or call them back, quickly, email them quickly. Begin the dialogue. But on the flip side, if you rush and just like dating, you know, you may have known, you know, the moment you saw your future wife, and I still want I’m gonna marry. But if you run right up to her and say, You don’t know me, but we’re gonna get married. She’d be like, security, please throw this guy out. Yeah, you gotta ease into it. There’s a process. And so and the bigger the deal, the more you need to work through that. And let the prospect know that you know, what you’re doing and that you you know, what their issues really are. It doesn’t matter if you do doesn’t matter if the doctor, you know, you go to your doc and flu season, everybody got the flu. Right, a doctor for 20 years. You know what the flu is? Right? Okay. You go walking in, the doctors yells in the background. You see him lean out of his chair. He’s got the flu, give them Tamiflu whatever. Call me in 48 hours, you don’t feel better. slam the door. You’d like I gotta pay a copay for that. Yeah, I’m not paying a copay for that. You know? Now, of course, you might say, well, I knew was a fool. I just want my prescription. All right, but you get the point. You don’t field listen to? Because what if it’s a deeper issue? Right, right. What if it’s not the flu? What if it’s known me? For me,

50% are going to voicemail 35:56
will tell you, I just had a guy on my podcast that creates outsource sales teams for companies, okay. And as little as five years ago, something like 88%, because they tracked all the calls, 88% of calls, were going to voicemail. And he’s saying only 50% are going to voicemail now. So people are overwhelmed with chat bots and automation and everything else. So handwritten letters and phone calls are becoming more effective again. You know, direct mail never was ineffective. So but I digress. So you need to look at what the competition is doing and either do it better than them or do the opposite of what they do. Okay, so if they’re not calling, then figure out a way to call. Because if somebody’s shopping for something, and they’re filling out 10 forms on 10 websites to get quotes, and everybody just sends emails, but you have an enticement in there to get their cell phone number, and then you text and call, you’re going to differentiate yourself. Okay, so you’ve just got to figure out how do you stand apart? You know, and, and then do that.

Disqualifying when you’re hiring. 39:04
yeah, you’re disqualifying when you’re hiring. But most sales managers aren’t great sales managers. Most Great. Most sales managers were great salespeople that were promoted. But the attributes that make a great salesperson usually are in conflict with what makes a great sales manager. Right, you know, lone wolf aggressive, you know, impatient, blah, blah. Now they got to nurture and bring along people. And most of them have had really very little formal training, they, they were naturals, they just hustled, they outworked everybody because they more bills to pay or whatever, right? So now they have to teach others they’re like, the hell’s wrong with you? You got my territory. I grew that thing. 30% a year, three years ago. That’s why I’m the manager. Now you’re in here. And and you’re stagnant. You suck.

That’s real metrics. 40:06
And that’s so. So they bring the sales people on, so you got to find somebody that’s hungry, you got to have a system that you can plug them into, you know, otherwise, you have to hire very expensive, very experienced people that have proven themselves in the past. But the problem there is just like mutual funds, past performance is no guarantee of future results. Right? Just because somebody has sold doesn’t mean they will sell. So you hire these proven people with experience, you can pay a lot more, and there’s no guarantee, or you can hire young person, you know, or at least young and experience in that industry, and plug them into a model that works. Yeah, like Tom Brady at the Patriots. Right. He’s not the greatest physical specimen, he’s not the fastest, he can’t throw the farthest. He works within a system. Okay, and so seems to work for them. Right, you know, so do you have a system you can plug your people into? And if you do, then it’s going to work?

I sell HubSpot sell Infusionsoft 42:55
You know, services. They vary from private coaching to the group program. I do some copywriting. You know, I sell HubSpot sell Infusionsoft out, I can tune those accounts up if if they need it. And I’m doing more speaking. So if you need a speaker, you know, for quarterly sales meeting annual conference, on sales, marketing leadership. I do that. So that’s kind of the the suite of services right now.


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