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CJ Gilbert lives with his wife and 3 kids in La Mesa, CA. He first started in website design in 1995 and has been the CEO of GilbertStudios since founding it in 2004. CJ has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners in San Diego and beyond with their websites and internet marketing needs.

And he is constantly studying and learning more about social media, business, operations, sales, and marketing. CJ strives to help as many people as possible to spread their unique message and gifts, and thereby collectively help millions. CJ is a professional pianist, singer, and songwriter.

He teaches piano, guitar, and drums to kids ages 9 to 99. CJ loves to make people laugh and speak in accents and silly voices. He has appeared in numerous plays and sung in musical theater. And he just might consider lending his voice or characters to your commercial or budding sit-com! CJ is available for one-on-one coaching, private classes or to speak to groups of entrepreneurs, business owners and authors about social media marketing, harnessing technology in your business and life, and more!

Please visit for more information, to contact CJ or to book him to speak at your event.

CJ Gilbert  – GilbertStudios

CJ Gilbert is a speaker, author, and has been a website developer for over 20 years.

He teaches business owners, entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches, and authors how to think of their websites like their number one business tool so they can make more money and serve their clients better, faster & easier!

CJ has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners in San Diego and beyond with their websites and marketing needs. And he is constantly studying and learning more about social media, business, operations, sales, and marketing.

CJ empowers entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches, and authors to spread their unique message and gifts, and therefore collectively help millions!

Cj is here today to share with us 5 Keys to Unlock the Profit Hidden in your Website.

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CJ Gilbert: CJ Gilbert teaches Entrepreneurs to think of their websites as their #1 business tool!


Today’s Audio MASTERCLASS:
5 Keys to Unlock the Profit Hidden in your Website.

  1. Refine your goals
  2. Get more customers
  3. Make more sales
  4. Enhance customer service
  5. Increase efficiency

00:04:31 I know how to build websites
So you know, there was a lot of physical therapy and chiropractic work and stuff. I messed up my
knee and my back and the company at the time was like, well, we got to offer you some retraining or
do something with you. What else do you know how to do? And I said, Well, I speak German. They said,
Nope, that’s useless. What else you got? I said, Well, I really like sign language. I know about
that. Now that’ll that’ll do nothing. What else she got? I said, Well, I know how to build websites.
They said There you go. That’ll do it. So they sent me down for a refresher course at a local
college. It was a foundation college and they enrolled me in this program. I don’t remember what it
was called technology, multimedia design technology, something or other. So it was back in 2004. I
opened up my own company, Gilbert studios, and I’ve been doing it full time ever since.

00:08:58 You used to go to the yellow pages
I’m talking Yeah, I’m talking about all Those pieces when I say your search, I’m referring to three
or four pieces kind of all wrapped together. So the first idea is how people are finding you these
days. So when I’m talking to business owners, I tell them, You used to go to the yellow pages you
used to pay to have your business listed in the Yellow Pages. You don’t do that anymore. Chances are
you don’t do that anymore. Because we’ve all got one of these. We all have, you know, a mobile phone
or a desktop at least or a laptop that that we’re using to to conduct our business. That’s what we
do. Now we go to Google, we pull up Siri, you know, we ask we ask Alexa. Right? This is what we do.
Now. This is how we search for things. So first of all, you’ve got to have a website for people to
be able to find number one. Number two on that website, you’ve got to put what you do. And I talked
to people a little bit about what keywords are, but I tell them you know, you don’t really need to
stress about keywords we used to stress about what are the right keywords and let’s do a whole bunch
of keyword research and see what Hot keywords are.

But as that Google algorithm has changed and
developed over time, it’s almost more manipulative to try to do keyword research keyword this, that
and the other. And Google is cracking down on what they feel is manipulative. And they just want
people to use plain clear language. So now I tell people don’t stress about all your keyword numbers
and keyword research. Just use plain simple language. Tell us what you do, who you serve, how and
why your clients love you. And as you’re describing your services, I say spend more time thinking
about the hierarchy of your website, how you’re presenting that information. Because I explained we
have to serve two masters, we have to serve the master of the Google robot, the machine that’s
indexing our site and doing that spider and doing that search. And we also have to serve that human
user that’s coming to the website and making those decisions, right when we talk about Your search,
we have to talk about both of those machines, the machine and the human user, and what’s the value
to each of them.

00:17:17  The hierarchy of your site
So these links that you’re talking about the slugs, you could
say, in the services here in your blog, you can actually build value and it will go back to
somewhere else. So you’re kind of reading a book, in a sense on on someone’s website. So they’re
staying there longer. Right? Exactly. Right, exactly. Right. So look at how all this works. Every
one of these pieces that we’ve talked about works together and and links up and creates that web. So
first of all, we’re thinking about the hierarchy of your site, the pages, your services, and then
deep, more detail, then what you just said is the next level, that’s where you have a blog where you
can talk in general about these topics and So on the services you’re taught, you’re being very
specific about what you do and your processes on the blog, you can give a lot more information
exactly like you just said, the top three times of the year to plant your lawn, how to get that
diamond cut, etc, etc. And you better believe that in that blog article, you can have links, right
back to your services page, where you talk about that lawn care that you provide.

00:27:16 I’m going to build a website
about by a lot of business owners that I talked to. And it’s the concept of directory listings. So
at the beginning of the segment, I talked about the Yellow Pages being the go to source for
businesses. We don’t have that anymore. They’ve been dying away, because we’ve all got these mobile
phones. So what’s replaced it about 100 people that all at the same time had the thought I know what
I’ll do. I’m going to build a website, and I’m going to put every business I can find into my
website, and it’s going to become the next Yellow Pages online. Well, we’ve all heard of Yelp.
They’ve been pretty successful at doing that. Google’s right there. Facebook’s right there, Apple.
They all have their own version of this yellow pages. business. directory. But there’s 60 other ones
that are also competing in the same space. And this is somewhat of a danger, or an inconvenience to
business owners, because these companies don’t know if they’ve got your information, right. They’re
just putting everyone they can find into their website to make it the biggest and best. So it’s up
to the responsibility of each business owner to make sure their information is listed correctly. And
that can become a challenge as well. So you’ve got to know, all these sites are out there. They’re
they’re listing your information, and you’ve got to make sure they’ve got the right phone number,
right address and certainly the correct website to link to.

00:33:25 So people are really strange animals
So this is a time when you really want to have video is
huge. Yeah, having a video that real quick if we’re, if we’re on the homepage, they have a short
attention span. At that point. They’re not going to commit to something long. But if you’ve got
something right there, 1030 seconds 62nd video, 90 seconds at the most minute and a half at the most
where they can just get to see who you are, learn more about you. You can just say hey, this is who
I am. This is what I do. These are the clients I serve. This is why they love me. Just let them get
to know you. That kind of a level. And what’s really interesting is typically, this is really great.
I want to tell you about this, right? So people are really strange animals. I make jokes all the
time about being in the web jungle. We live in the web jungle, the internet’s a jungle. I’m
surrounded by my jungle stuff. I’ve got my crocodile right over here in this corner, and I’ve got my
jungle elephant right here. And I’ve got nice vines and trees around me because it’s a jungle that
we live in, right. And humans are the strangest animals in our jungle. So here’s the human for you.
humans want to do some kind of research. They feel incumbent upon them that they have to do some
amount of due diligence, some amount of research before they feel justified in making a decision.
But at the same time, we’re also incredibly, incredibly lazy. And we don’t want to put forth more
effort than we absolutely have to.

00:41:08 Jeff Bezos of Amazon says the best customer service is if the
customer never needs to talk to you your staff, it could be a team member. It could be a receptionist or a secretary. So if you’ve got
someone answering the phone for your company, ask her. What are the questions that people ask you
all the time? And make sure that information is on your website? Because if she’s sitting there all
day, every day, answering the phone Yes, we’re open till five. Yes, we accept credit cards. Yes,
we’re down the street left turn right turn. Yes. Right off the freeway. Yes, we’re open till five.
Yes, we take credit cards all day, same questions. Now imagine those questions and their
answers are on your website. A lot of people are going to go straight to the website, get the
answer. They never have to call you. Jeff Bezos of Amazon says the best customer service is if the
customer never needs to talk to you never needs to call you. It just works.

00:47:16 I’ve got my own weekly podcasts
Absolutely. So I love what you just said about bringing up the networking meetings we go to, as you
can imagine, I do a lot online, a website guy, the web geek, I, I’ve got my my own website, several
different websites, social media I’m involved with, I’ve got my own weekly podcasts that I do. But
I’m also doing a lot offline to I’m involved in several local, entrepreneurial small business
communities. And the one that shown and I met with the most is called exceptional entrepreneurs.
It’s based in San Diego, and it uses the meetup platform currently. And there’s multiple groups like
this all over the place networking groups, there’s two kinds of networking groups exclusive and non
exclusive groups. Exclusive groups are like your tip. Be And I, they only allow one person per
business category. And I recommend you join one of those. But you can typically only join one of
those. And then there’s also non exclusive networking groups. They don’t have any kind of
restriction. They allow multiple people from any given profession.

Absolutely. So the the business website, Gilbert studios, Gilbert studios calm, you can come there
to learn more about my website design services, the other related services I offer, website hosting,
the directory listing, I have a special service and a tool that can help people find those directory
listings that are amiss. So you can check that out of And the free tool
associated with that is scan SCA n scan dot guilbert Studios. com. So come check my website out.
I’ve got a blog, I talked more about networking, and some of those ideas. So check out that website
with the blog and the services pages in there. And then I’d ask you to check out my podcast website,
ask a web ask a web You can join our Facebook group, you can subscribe on
YouTube. And you can also subscribe as a podcast. It’s on Apple podcast, Google podcast and a whole
bunch of other places.

00:53:50 Five golden keys to sharpen your website by CJ Gilbert
Five golden keys to sharpen your website by CJ Gilbert. Just go to Amazon and type that out. It’ll
come to the top. buy that book. I guarantee you You will learn more on why your website is a great
sales tool and a good relationship tool to where you can get to that human interaction, which it
takes to close a deal. Or you can go to scan dot gilberts to research the software that
he has to deliver, or just go to Gilbert to learn more about CJ and the software he has,
but most especially go to ask a ask a web The Geek die ask a web geek. So I’m sorry, ask a
web there is a Facebook page you can go to Facebook, ask a web be a web geek. I can’t get
get the being the G together. Ask a web geek search out and Facebook ask a web And also
you’ll just find it if you just type it in Google CJ Gilbert, it will come to top check it out.


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