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Jeremy Shapiro – FuseDesk

Jeremy Shapiro is the Founder of FuseDesk. He recognized the need for a help desk that would deeply integrate with Keap and Infusionsoft by Keap all the way back in 2009. Since then he’s grown FuseDesk to thousands of users, each cared for by a fantastic Customer Delight Team (seriously, have you met us?!?).

When Jeremy is not FuseDesking, he’s starting other companies (check out FeedBolt!), and hanging out/traveling the world with his beautiful wife and two little ones. Or winning hardcore cycling events.

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00:00:59 – I was at a Glaser Kennedy event, many moons ago
Great Question. So, you know, I’ve I’ve always considered myself a builder. Ever since I was a kid I
always enjoyed building and creating, that’s taking so many different forms over the years. But
really, I’d say the biggest one of my life I in terms of a career is that I’ve always been an
entrepreneur, which is building, right, except you’re building businesses. And every business I’ve
had has always been some sort of some sort of offshoot, I’m servicing a prior business that I had.
And so in the case of fuse desk, we had built a business and had that entire business built on our
own custom CRM and automation platform. And I was at a Glaser Kennedy event, many moons ago, I met
Clayton, the team, and they told us about this exciting new startup they had called infusion soft,
and I said like that is such a cool concept you guys are building. The next business I launched I
want to build on Infusionsoft instead of having our own from scratch system on the back end. And so
when you have that opportunity, that was around 2009, we launched the new business and built the
entire thing on infusion soft and it was a Awesome, because instead of having to have all the
resources focused on the tech of running our own back end, we’re able to focus on building a
business and leave the infrastructure to someone else. Except we found that we had this really
pressing need, we wanted to offer phenomenal customer service and really take care of our customers.
And there simply wasn’t a good Help Desk option out there that allowed us to take great care of our
customers and deeply integrate into our CRM. And that really was the birth of fuse desk, solving a
need that we had in our own business at the time. And fortunately, when we floated the idea around
pass some other business owners and entrepreneurs, they said, Hey, you know, we’re building our
business on Infusionsoft. And we need a really good Help Desk as well. Can we use your system to and
that really was the birth of us asking that many years ago?

00:08:14 – Systems in campaigns fall short is the moment a customer actually engages in response to you
Yeah, so I think you touched on a really beautiful point there. You know, so often we hear about
marketing automation. So often we talk about what automation you can put in place to have a follow
up autoresponder, welcome, emails, nurture campaigns, all those things are great. But the whole
point of those is to get prospects and customers and contacts to engage and do something. And where
a lot of the systems in campaigns fall short is the moment a customer actually engages in response
to you. There’s no system in place to help out with that. Yeah. So with us as we’re able to
centralize all of that into one place, such that when your customers actually engage and respond,
your team is there to engage with them and work with them one on one. So for example, let’s say
you’re using like plus this or picture funnel for outbound SMS, campaigns super powerful, really
good to engage, folks. But now they reply back to you. What happens now? So all of those SMS
campaigns can come right back in the responses to fuse desk at the point people need to have a one
on one conversation.

00:12:27 – If you want a good sales pages in order forms, dropping a live chat widget right into your website
Okay. Because I remember Yeah, and the cool thing about this, just for the listeners to know is if
you’re doing if you’re doing any type of paid traffic, or a summit or something where you have
people on live, the conversions are so much better when you have that live chat. Because people
might say, hey, well, I don’t understand this bundle to that bundle. And then you can actually even
if you don’t close them in the chat, you can take the notes and have that when you do the follow up
then you can go Okay, these were their questions. This is how we’re going to answer them because
I’ve closed some pretty big deals by doing the research coming back with the right answer, and then
the person spoke. So that’s or then the person purchased. Right? Yeah. So this is cool. And then
what were some of the bad like, if you want a good sales pages in order forms, dropping a live chat widget right into your website, and we embed it easily in Infusionsoft order forms of shopping carts, Shopify, whatever, you’ve got
our live chat widget embeds right there. We’ve seen time and time again, simply add in that chat
widget gives you gives you a bump in a boost in the conversions.

00:17:24 – We’re always going multi channel
Exactly. And one of the really great things about having a messaging platform like fuse desk. Yeah.
You know, is we always going multi channel, right. So when you have someone who who say emails you,
right, that’s great that you have an email engagement, but if you’re not hearing back, it’s possible
they’re not getting your email, family. Right? Give them a call, right? Just click on the phone
number and a fuse desk. It dials out to them right in your browser views that you can text them
right from that case, right when someone reaches out to you about buy it via live chat. You can
click and respond back via email, send them the information offline. So you’re really able to go
multi platform, right from one case and abused us, as opposed to having all these different contact
methods in different places.

00:28:29 – Helping you to close more of those prospects and sales and retain them right from the get go.
Yeah, so awesome question because the answer is, is yes. So we have template packs available and
sort of the most commonly asked questions by certain industries and certain business models, right.
We also can, can help you to craft those. And we also do training around that as well. So one of the
services we offer, for example, is product launch prep. So oftentimes, we find there’s a there’s a
business model, and you’ve got a new project rolling out that you’re about to launch to your list.
Well, there’s a lot things that go into planning about the funnel and this sales pages and the
upsells, and the filament and printing and creation and all that. Awesome. But a lot of folks stop
the planning when it comes to the same, not thinking about what happens after the sale. And that’s
really where fuse desk comes in, helping you to close more of those prospects and sales and retain
them right from the get go. And so we have a lot of best practices that we can help our clients get
ready for. So when it’s product launch prep time, the support team has all the tools in place,
including templates, training, departments, tagging, automations everything else, that when you
launch your setup for success to keep more of those customers you work so hard to get and convert
more the prospects are on the fence about becoming customer.

00:38:49 – The reason you’re getting that human touch is because we have a campaign in place.
Yeah. So I want to touch on the last thing you mentioned before I jump into that. Yeah. The the
reason you’re getting that human touch is because we have a campaign in place. To create cases for
our team to check in with customers with partners of ours. So if you have a referral or affiliate
component to your business, sure, you can do broadcast emails. But isn’t it better if periodically
check in with your partners? Yeah. Same thing with your customers, your best buyers. This is simply
Infusionsoft campaign, that every period of time, depending on what the campaign is, automatically
creates a case in the fuse desk, saying, you know, hey, it’s been three months since we reached out
to Shoan about his app, give him a call at this phone number and see how we can support him in his
business. Yeah, now that case is there for our team to make a phone call, send a follow up email and
do the human work needed to have that really personal interaction, but it’s not waiting for someone
to remember to do it, or go to a list. It’s a task automatically created with equal weight and
priority as other cases needing their attention. So that automation you can have in your business to
take take better care of your customers and partners.

00:49:04 – It’s all about that heart to heart engagement
okay? And go out and check it out. Because these things really will help you engage quicker, faster
with more clarity on what you’re doing with your prospects and your current clients. And it’s all
about that heart to heart engagement. It’s about connecting with people, and knowing and letting
them know that you genuinely care that you’re available, and that you’re really having a real
conversation. And it’s not a bot. They’re real people making real connections with real businesses,
just like yours.

00:50:29 – We integrate beautifully to fix your funnel
One thing you just touched on there as well in terms of how you mentioned picture funnel, we
integrate beautifully to fix your funnel. So as you’re building that out, right and fix your funnel,
when you’re editing a number, there’s a little toggle that says forward to fuse desk. Click that and
you’ll be all set up to send over any overflow messages right, diffuse. That’s that one on one

00:50:46 – Shoan
Oh, that’s perfect, cuz I’m doing it right now. Love it. Okay, cool. All right, Jeremy. Well, thanks
for showing up. You gotta shout-out. Thank you. All right.


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