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Ross Walker – Three Step Marketing

Ross Walker offers a professional perspective for your business automation and complete online marketing strategy. In his many years’ online marketing he has worked with several different industries to build sales teams, defining the target market, and optimizing marketing strategies.

Ross has successfully co-launched a company that went from $0 in revenue to millions in under 2 years. The combination of his vast business experience and programming background make it possible for him to find the right technology solutions, from the perspective of a business owner. He will help your company grow by pinpointing, and taking advantage of, the right online marketing strategy that is unique to your company and industry.

Using his simple philosophy of automating where you can, listening to your customer, and working honestly. More lead, more sales with less effort.

Sales, listening, communication, strong work ethic, negotiations, goal setting, ability to learn and adapt quickly, very personable with a great sense of humor (ok, at least I try!).

Specialties: Business:
Business Development, Client Relations, Marketing, Social Media Strategy, Content Creation, Graphic Design, Account Management, and having fun at the same time.

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Bringing the Personal Touch Back to Marketing

00:04:21 Frank said, Yeah, swing by the house
So I did a lot of work with a couple of my friends Brent and john. And, and by an awesome stroke of
luck, Brent was headed to California. And he texted his favorite celebrity mentor, Frank Kern. I
said, Hey, Frank, I’m headed to a lawyer, love to catch up and talk to you some time. I have no idea
why. Frank said, Yeah, swing by the house.

00:09:09 This is like the marriage of technology
So there’s a kind of a few principles. I should like diagram this I should trademark and all that
good stuff. But there are a few things that we always make sure that we do like right from the get-go.
If at all possible. We’d like to have our copy story-driven, not just, you can’t do fake
scarcity in the financial industry, that just doesn’t happen and it would never make it through
compliance. Right? But if you can relate and help them understand, like on a story level of somebody
else’s experience, then they’re like, okay, I can get that. So that breaks down some walls, makes
them a little bit more human. That’s number one. You be human. Tell the story. get that going. And
then, Believe it or not, this is like the marriage of technology. And you and I both know, Ryan
chairman. It’s a lot of texting. It’s texting and phone calls. Because this is like I agree with not
the whole heart to heart thing. But in this world, there’s has to be a high level of trust people
are talking 10s, hundreds, thousands, a million dollars, you got to have a high level of trust. And
if you don’t build the relationship starting that way, then when you try to switch it from automated
to human, it’s a stark contrast. And people like that felt funny. That just doesn’t feel right.

00:20:32 There are human steps between each part of the automation
Yes. So every, and this is a good problem to have. Every once in awhile we’ll have different
clients overlap, like, Hey, we’re both doing events, we’re both doing a big push at the same time.
And so I have to scale my team really quick in order to have enough humans to take over the human
steps is that, you know, there’s human steps between each parts of the automation. And so that’s
probably my biggest one right now is making sure that documentation and training is really good. So
that I can instantly scale up with one or two new people have them do it. And then, you know,
hopefully we can keep some of them. But some of them they’re like, yeah, I’ll, I’ll help you out for
a week. And then they go away, and then come back on. So that’s, that’s probably my biggest issue
right now is scaling the human portion. I mean, we’ve automated a ton we’ve made the tool super
easy, you know, one person can manage a lot of conversations. Right? But still, when things overlap
on like a Monday morning, just gets busy.

00:30:10 When people do what you want them to do, that’s your most solid stream of automation
So couple of things, and this is embarrassing, but you know, this is I screw up all the time. Yeah.
Forget some basic stuff. And we all build automation and systems and paths for when things go
perfect, right? When things when people do what you want them to do, that’s your most solid stream
of automation, you’ve got that type. But now we’ve got let’s just stick with that small event like a
dinner seminar. The people that registered and said they were going to come and didn’t come just
reaching out to them by phone and saying, We missed you. We’d love to have you get Is everything
okay? Right did was there a reason? I mean, if something came up, we’d love to reschedule you. If
not, that’s understand this is not a sales call. And the little things like that because I already
paid to get that lead and put some time An effort into it 45 more seconds on the phone is not that

00:54:31 We’d love to invite you to a free in office consultation
yeah, we have. And we build for those two, you know, every time someone signs up, now they’re in our
excluded audience so they don’t see the ad again, if they do happen to get shared the ad or
whatever, and sign back up, the automation checks and hey, if we ever fed this person before,
automatically says Hey, thanks for signing up, see that you’ve dined with this before and attended.
We’d love to invite you to a free in office consultation. Very we only have a number of seats
available, and we’d like to reserve those for those who have not been to presentation in the back.

Yeah, threestepmarketing. com that’s the best place you can search for Ross Walker on most of the
social medias. Ross Jay Walker usually there but three step marketing. com is going to be the best
and it’s the number three Stop marketing, spell it out.


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