Fuel Your Influence, Overnight!

Fuel Your Outreach and Cast a Wider Net in a Deeper Ocean Without the Hassle of Scouting, Chasing Prospects, or Being a Pest.

We Help You Follow-up with 80% of Your Lost Leads (that you pay GOOD MONEY for) in 30 Days or Less

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What We Do

Responsive Websites

Be seen from any device. Your prospects can connect with you your from their phones, tablets, or laptops with ease.

Social Media Integration

Easy follow-up. We integrate all of your social media so you can communicate with your followers with a click of the mouse.

Automate Your Referrals

Get more referrals. We make it easy for your clients to shout your name from the rooftops, while you are working, on vacation or even when you’re taking a nap!

Lead Generation

We help generate quality warm leads that spill over to the top of your sales piepline so you can connnect sooner and faster than the compeition.

Convert Sales

Boost your sales and profits with affordable tools that major corporations use to increase their online and offline conversion rates.

Mobile Marketing

Reach your prospects faster than the speed of light with Ultra Responsive Marketing that adapts to any screen size.

Sales Videos

AutomationRehab provides support for Native Videos that can be viewed Internationally.

Ad Retargeting

Convert tire kickers and looky-loos into rabid fans with ads and banners that keep your brand in front of their eyes.


Custom Copy

Add style and flair to your pages with Custom Copy from the best writers in the system that match your voice to your marketing.

We Don’t Sell Hope…We Fulfill It!

We create the perfect exhibit for Influencers using the latest automation marketing tools.

Learn The Top 7 Marketing Campaigns the Top Coaches  Use and How To Build Them.

Excerpts from “The Definitive Guide To Fuel Your Influence Marketing” – Shoan Snoday

Why Social Media Does Not Work

Learn the Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Marketing and how it can damage your reputation.

How Mobile Marketing Can Increase or Decrease Your Brand

Explore the new world of mobile marketing and how you can miss or be missed.

The Truth about Phone Calls Versus Email

Discover The Best Way To Connect With Peolple

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Join our community of Recovery Based Professionals and learn how to not only thrive, but survive in this economy.

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Join us in our weekly podcasts and webinars. Explore different areas of Social Media Marketing and Automated Upsells.

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Our video library is another tool to help you learn more about marketing tools and how to use them. Understanding your marketing.

Our Super Team

Our team will always be there to help you and your business.



For over 30 years Shoan has written the system and processes for Dell Computers and Microsoft and has pretty much become an Automation Expert.



Over 3 decades of head coaching in personal development programs Carolyn has found that people often veil their wants and desires and has created a unique and special program to overcome those obstacles.



Ruby is a "Master Certified Social Media Specialist".
Creates, curates, and manages all published content (images, video and written).
Cultivates leads and sales by monitoring, listening  and responding to users in a “Social” way while 
conducting online advocacy to open streams of cross-promotions.



Plans, budgets, oversees and documents all aspects of the specific project and programs. Sarah oversees all clients progress and helps them double the size of their business on-time and on budget. Sarah also creates, designs and strategizes marketing funnels and campaigns.


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Jeremy Shapiro – FuseDesk

Jeremy Shapiro – FuseDesk

facebooklinkedintwitterinstagramJeremy Shapiro - FuseDesk Jeremy Shapiro is the Founder of FuseDesk. He recognized the need for a help desk that would deeply integrate with Keap and Infusionsoft by Keap all the way back in 2009. Since then he’s grown FuseDesk to...

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Russ Henneberry – ModernPublisher.com

Russ Henneberry – ModernPublisher.com

facebooklinkedintwitterRuss Henneberry  - ModernPublisher.com Russ has trained and certified thousands of professionals through his coaching, courses, stage presentations and his book, Digital Marketing for Dummies. Russ’s superpower is building and selling...

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Brad Martineau – SixthDivision

Brad Martineau – SixthDivision

facebooklinkedintwitterinstagramBrad Martineau - SixthDivision Brad Martineau is one of the most recognized and widely sought-after thought leaders and speakers on marketing automation for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Brad is the resident Marketing Automation...

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Learn The Top 5 Marketing Mistakes Recovery Centers Make and How To Avoid Them

What We Do

We are AutomationRehab and we help Recovery Centers grow their business.

AutomationRehab is a community of health professionals active in Mind, Body and Spirit wellness. Did we mention we're the #1 Infusionsoft partner in the recovery industry?

More than 460 members are using AutomationRehab technologies in their business.

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7660 Fay Ave #213 H. La Jolla, Ca 92037

Phone:+1 619-866-HELP (4357)
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