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In February 2014. my friend Mark Murrell, founder & CEO of, told me “Facebook sucks for Lobster!” He had just tested Facebook advertising for his $2 million e-commerce business selling delicious fresh lobster from Maine. “What do you mean it sucks?” I asked. “I paid four grand, got a lot of clicks, but made only on sale. I lost my shirt!” he replied.

“I’m shocked you found even one person to buy from a random lobster guy out of the blue. Why not get them on your email list first and then close them after they’ve gotten to know you?”

Then Mark asked me, “But even if they bought from an email, how would I know if the Facebook ad worked or not?”

That one question spawned what is now Wicked Reports.

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1) Good leads take time to buy and oftentimes good leads can cost more than bad leads

2) Automatically detect and sync data

3) Get the right information at the right time the way you want it


WickedReports: Wicked Reports tracks every click and every purchase to see the true ROI of all your marketing investments.

Marketing Attribution and how it helps you understand and scale your advertising


00:00:32 – How Wicked Reports got it’s name

New England coined the term “Wicked”, which means something’s better. It’s like on steroids like instead of good it’s very good. It’s like Wicked good

00:01:57 – How it all started

There was nothing out there for someone not spending a million a month to figure things out. And so that’s kind of how it got going. And so our very first thing we tested was do women 40 years or older that like the Patriots or the Red Sox, but don’t live in New England buy lobster at a profitable ad spent? He’s made little over 3 million and paid it up in action.

08:56 – How it works

We can match against your ad spend for whatever channel in which click it came from, and familiarity with your brand.

We automatically for Facebook track down to the AdSense ad level. We ping the accounts and put an ID on each ad that we can then go and lookup.

00:24:57 – Benchmarks

Yeah. So our directions are you ready? I want to scale kill or chill. very honest what you did. So we have benchmark your performance every day. So that when you’re looking at a lead gen campaign, it’s been nine days, you really need to measure the revenue a certain way for lead gen. And then you need to know hey, at nine days, how am I normally doing? And how is this campaign doing? And is it better or worse than normal?

00:25:42 – Scale Kill or Chill
I’m going to focus on the ad sets that made me money last quarter, and just doubled those and moved to spend from the negative ones over. That’s a good way to scale.

Am I doing better than I normally do? And if so, I should keep doing it or do more of it. If I’m doing worse, I should either tune it or kill it.

Chill is the most challenging because you have to look at your trends and your current performance against your benchmarks and then there’s guidance. You’ve got to look at your benchmarks to see if you’re doing better than normal. And your trend over time is that lifetime value rises and the cost fall or there’s a couple that’s a little more detailed.

00:43:18 – Verifiable, Trustworthy ROI

People are going to want verifiable, trustworthy ROI based on transaction data. And so what enabled us to work with them is that’s our whole use case is those things. And I have patents behind wiring into the first-party data is and attributing them. So that’s helped us tremendously because we’re future proof attribution. I’ve been hammering this home since 2014. And now it’s, yeah, an early adopter. This is what I decided to stick with.

00:49:51 – Willing to pay
Yeah, If you evaluate the leads based on price, you can probably get $2 leads from Facebook, but they might all be people working from home or just trying to get other jobs. And LinkedIn leads are 80 bucks, but they’re infinitely more valuable.

00:52:55 – Scotts One Big Thing
I want to be able to show people how to use meditation and metaphysical ideas to use practically for business and personal growth that’s tangible and measurable.

00:53:17 – Scotts Call to Action
Go to be We have an easy three-minute quick demo, you can get on from the homepage. You can submit your info get a link for a three-minute automated demo. And then you can book time there to talk to someone on my team if it looks like a fit for what you need in marketing attribution.


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