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Ryan originally started Fix Your Funnel with the One Click Up Sell solution he developed for the training company he and Trent started in 2007.

At that time it was more of a hobby than a business. He figured since he was developing cool stuff for their business and he heard so many people asking for the same kinds of things, why not set up a new Infusionsoft app and start offering what they were using for the training company.

Next came the SendOutCards integration, then SMS and phone.

Ryan is married to Wonder Woman and has 6 wonderful kids! 

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The new iOS issue 0:42
Well, what’s happening is they’re doing you know, I’m just telling them certain things about the mobile I actually the last call. I was telling her about the new iOS issue with, if you’re not in the contact list, it goes straight to voicemail. So I sent her a link to click on and she gets I text her the link, I don’t have her mobile number. Now I do because of fixed her funnel, right. So I text her the link. And it says, so when she received the text, it says this contact contact is not on your contact list. And she goes, I’ve never seen that before. Yeah. So then she had to actually exit out of the texting app, and go back in in order for the link to work.

 It’s a quickly evolving world 1:39
that how it is? Well, it’s it’s a quickly evolving world. There’s a lot of things that people aren’t aware of that they got to get started getting together, you know, I mean, they start getting stuff together. Because if you don’t, if you don’t understand what’s about to happen, and it’s going to change pretty rapidly over the next six months. Things that you’ve been relying upon for years are going to go away.

Shoan 2:04
You know, I mean, like what?

It’s going to be like ghost land 2:06
Well, just with what you were alluding to, with the the tsunami that’s about to hit all these small businesses that sell by phone, you used to be able to just say, well, I’ll just call people, you know, at least you get the ring and then you know, you leave a voicemail maybe curiosity will get the better of them to check the voicemail may eventually they might answer. Well, now, with iOS 13, when they put out that new update you were alluding to, and they mark that boxes, you know, ignore unknown callers. It’s not going to ring, I didn’t think you’re gonna get the push notification that a voicemail was left. It’s just going to be like ghost land, you know what I mean? So for the small business owner that’s relied upon cold cold calling or warm calling, even warm calling, you know, if you don’t do a few things ahead of time. It’s not even a know you called it’s going to be worse than being ghosted.

You have to understand that iOS 3:28
it. Yeah, so it’s going to happen with iOS. Now, you have to understand that iOS, or iPhones are 50% of the people because 100%, the people united states have a smartphone, hundred percent of the people that you would want to talk to 100% of them. 51% of them on an iPhone and the other 49% on an Android phone. So that’s the way it splits the United States. And when I was 13, rolls out this fall, they usually within in a month got 100% of the devices that can have the operating system installed. So people don’t just get around to it. It’s not all fractionally broken up like Android. So it happens pretty quick. Well, the talk of the town is going to be this ignore unknown callers feature, everybody is going to be turning it on everybody’s gonna be Oh, you get an iPhone, you turn that on it? Why have you turned it on yet? You know, everybody’s, there’s gonna be a lot of social pressure just to be happy because nobody wants these unknown colors. Right? Well, that’s really bad news for the small businesses. So how do you how do you overcome this? Well, you have to get in the contact book. That’s it. So your goal if you if you sell by phone, it’s not to say you can’t sell by phone anymore? I think in fact, it’s going to get even better if you do the preparation work. Because the number one reason people don’t answer phone calls is because don’t recognize number. It’s not because they’re not interested in talking to the person calling them. In fact, often they are, if they just knew who it was, right. And I know that because we started teaching people that we’re doing warm calls, sent a text message before they called. And if they sent the text message and said, Hey, here’s who I am. And here’s why I’m calling. They quadrupled the conversation, right? So they were making, you know, 100 calls and they got ahold of 10 people, now suddenly, they’re getting ahold of 40 people, right, that tells you that a lot of the people that you’re calling, just don’t know that it’s you. And if they did, they would answer. So getting into the contact book is going to make it even more effective. But you got to get into the contact book. So the way you’re going to have to do this is you start having to think about how am I generating phone number lead? How many generate a lead with the phone number? And is it Am I getting permission to text them at the same time, because you’re going to have to text in order to give them your contact card in order to convince them to install it, so that you can be in their contact book. So that’s going to be a prerequisite for some people, I know they’re shaking their head, man, I don’t even know if I could do that. Well, the truth is, it’s not as hard as it sounds. And you’re going to definitely have fewer people you’re going to be calling and getting through to. But if you do this, you can totally change everything for you. So one, all your calls and all your text messages and all your emails are going to be recognized, because it’d be associated with a name instead of just whatever they are. And if you get that that contact card installed on their phone, then not only like a recognize that now they’re actually going to see your your colony rings. So you have to come up with a reason for them to install your contact card early on in the relationship. And so there’s a lot of ways to frame that I think one of the most effective ways to frame it is make sure that you’re adding value early on in the relationship, right? So how am I helping them to figure out what they’re trying to do? Because everybody, if you generate a lead, there’s a reason that the person raised their hand the first place, it’s not an accident. So there’s something that they think that you can help them get. That’s why they raised their hand. That’s what they said, Yeah, here’s my email address, here’s my phone number. There’s something that they think they can get from you. So if you’re, if you help give them something that gets them closer to where they want to go, you want to now tie to that installing your contact card. So hey, I’m going to be sending some more stuff to make sure you get it go ahead and start my contact card, whatever it may be, think of some reasons that that would be legitimate for them to need to have your contact information installed.

Adding value to their their life 7:47
Well, so the very first thing is, like I said before, you have to be establishing how you adding value to their their life. Right? So how am I actually helping them get closer to whatever their objective is? My business is part of that process. Because otherwise, there’s no reason to be talking to anybody. So I’ll give you my example, right? I’ll have people text the keyword demo to learn more about the text. Well, if they’re at that stage, I know quite a bit about them. Right? Right. If someone’s texting demo, they’re actually on. This sounds interesting to me what I’ve seen on the website, what I saw the ad look close enough to what I want, that I’m going to go ahead and text demo. Well, at that point, I’m starting to establish a relationship with them. And early on, like the second text I give them is going to include my contact card, it’s going to say, hey, install, you know, add this to your phone, so that you can get all my messages, I want to send you something important. Now I already established that there’s some value coming out of interacting with me, otherwise, they wouldn’t have gotten to that point.

Texting is intentionally designed to be interpersonal one on one 10:32
So, here’s the deal with texting is texting is intentionally is designed to be interpersonal one on one. And one of the problems that we have, that we’ve at least observed is when marketers start using texting, they try to use it just like email. So they’re all click here, and they give a link. You know, you probably have to tell me to click here. Every time anybody sent me a link and texting, I already understood what I need to do with it. Right? You know, there’s not like, there’s three paragraphs either, you know, it’s usually a very short message, right? These are pretty clear. But I say, Hey, here’s my contact card, add it to your contact, you know, your, your contacts, so that we can be able to reach each other later. That’s about all I do. I want I’m not going to go through a step by step on how to install it. Because if there’s a couple things going on here, one is if they don’t know how to do that, too, maybe it’s a good filter. Yeah, they know No offense, but if they can even add a contact to the contact, in their, in their phone, maybe I don’t really want to deal with them at all, you know, right? Depends on the on the business as well, right? Some cases, they may just want to grin and bear through it. And that case, they could probably send like a little gift that shows have a tap there and cry. But whatever it is that you know that’s in you make a good point, it’s not trivial, it is not a trivial thing to get installed on their phone as a contact. It is it’s going to require some serious preparation on the part of businesses. But you know, it’s just the facts of life. Now, you know, there’s been a number of things like this that come down the pipe, you know, for small businesses that are trying to do marketing and sales over the years. And this is this is going to be a big one. And what’s interesting about this one is it’s not being enforced by a government, organization or regulatory body. This is a company that’s just saying, hey, there’s a problem. There’s a lot of calls coming in, that people don’t recognize, and we’re going to solve it. And so you’re gonna have to, you gotta dance because the music is on now.

People just are tired of it 14:05
Yeah, it probably will have Tim Cook, you know, wearing the glove. Half the businesses disappeared, because it’s going to be a big deal. And you know, I’m sure Android if it doesn’t already have a feature like that will have one shortly, right, because people just are tired of it. So what’s going on, that’s kind of maybe somewhat interesting for people to know that in the industry, in the telecom industry, because telephone companies are going to sit by either because they make money off of people making phone calls, even though you don’t necessarily pay as the subscriber, somebody’s paying to get that phone call in, and that money is all going to dry it up. So there’s some major incentive on their part to come up with ways of providing verified phone numbers. So even if it’s not in the contact book, there’s a way that you can verify your phone number. So that’s being worked on as we speak as a kind of a countermeasure. But it’s going too late for many businesses, right? And that thing gets through regulation and all the carriers jump on board with it, which could take years. It’ll be too late for a lot of businesses.

Strictly numbers in the contact book 16:02
We’ll see. We’ll have to see. But you know, I don’t know if it’s going to be strictly numbers in the contact book, or, or what? So you may be a part of people’s processes. A this is shown on recalling a few minutes. By the way, here’s my contact card. If you install it, you’ll be sure to see my call in no time calling. You know, what we found with that we call it a pre call text message that the strategy you’re talking about a send the text before you call somebody? Right? Well, we found that that is for one of four things would happen. One is you get a text back saying hey, I’m busy. Can we reschedule? Let’s set up a time to talk fantastic is you know, someone who sells by phone, a scheduled calls way better than catch them. The next thing that would happen is you would call me and just answer my cell denied to text me I wouldn’t have answered otherwise. Right? The next thing that would happen is people just wouldn’t answer at all. Cool. Some people just like the ghost, that’s okay. No big deal. And then the fourth one is someone might text back and say, Hey, I’m not interested, you don’t have to call me, Well, great. take you off the list, I’m not gonna waste my time with you. All those are great outcomes compared to just dialing and leaving voicemails and not knowing if anybody’s hearing them or what. So I think that strategy is one of the more powerful strategies people that sub iPhone can use. Now, here’s the thing, let’s say, it’s as bad as we think it’s going to be, and you can’t get ahold of anybody now by phone. Well, that’s not going to block the text. So as you text them, maybe what you’ll have to do is to move more towards trying to initiate conversations via text message, having a text conversation to a point where you say, Hey, I’m going to send you over my v card, install that because if you don’t, you won’t see my call when I call you. And let’s chat real quick. Yeah, you’re going to do chat and segue to phone call. And honestly, that’s a more powerful way anyways, because many people, like if anybody knew you were shown you a good of a salesperson you were they would be afraid to answer the phone. Right? Because they know if they talk to Shoan, he’s gonna close me. And I don’t really necessarily want to be closed, I want to buy but I don’t want to be sold. Right? Right. I don’t know if I want to talk to him on the phone. Well, the beautiful thing about texting is it provides this buffer, right? Because you can say something to try and get me to respond or whatever. And I get to think about it, and then I get to respond. And then when you respond, I get to think about it, and I get to respond without thinking time doesn’t exist in a phone call. Normally people feel pressure. You know, they’re like, oh, shoot, I gotta answer. And so then that pressure to answer causes them to feel off. And then a salesperson that’s maybe more of a hustler can use that to their advantage to take advantage of somebody to get them to make a commitment or maybe not ready to make. But people are aware of that. So they’re scared of that. So actually, if you have the texting conversation, it builds rapport and helps them to see Oh, this person actually can cares about my best interest. And now getting on the phone isn’t scary, because we have a relationship. And so the texting to the phone call is actually more powerful than just going straight for the phone call. Because there’s a warm up that can occur.

All sales happen in conversation 22:46
Yeah, well, you know, majority of what I talk about tends to be the front layer, right? Or the fundamentals. Because, you know, I am six, seven, I like basketball. And the big thing about basketball. So I’m Mentos, you gotta learn how to dribble, right? You have to learn how to shoot, right? You have to learn how to pass, right? How to run down the court, how to play defense properly, you know, fundamentals, you get those right now you can go get fancy. And that’s why I tend not to talk about some of the what you did you talked about, right? There’s all the more advanced stuff that’s in it too, until you open the door for texting through using keywords and phone numbers, right. So having people text the word like demo to 760-621-8199. that’s a that’s a key word and phone number combination that starts an automated conversation. That opens the door for me to text. Until that starts happening. Now I have nothing else I can do really with all this magic, to be honest. Okay, so I’ve got that open. Now, how do I start starting conversations with people? Because all sales happen in conversation. So I then start training trying to teach people that use fix your funnel. Okay, start start starting conversations in your email only campaign, get a text message in there. And have that text message asking open ended question. So email is really great for delivering content. You can do with text that’s really effective that that as well. But we’re text message really shines is starting conversations, start a conversation, get that conversation going back and few maybe a move to the phone, maybe you don’t. But you’ll get to a point where they can make a buying decision very quickly that way.

Promote a business right 28:34
It’s a very fascinating thing. And I don’t know that I have any answers to why it works that way. But I do know it does. And that’s useful for us as people that are trying to help promote a business right is you got to understand how the humans work. That’s important part. And we know that they work that way. So you know, any time that you spend thinking about the message that you’re going to send somebody in a in a systematic process, right, like as part of a campaign, you need to be thinking about, okay, what do I know about them at this point? What is their experience been up until now? What question Could I ask that, even if they didn’t respond, would change the way they see the world? And, you know, I have a little formula I think might be useful for you. I know you heard this on my class last. But it’s the Why did you question Do you remember that?

How do you use it better in my business 29:32
So I want to go into it for them? Yeah. So whenever I’m doing automated conversation, where I’m trying to gather, maybe name an email, I’ll end with this question. If I am putting a text message as part of a campaign, I’ll do this form of question. And it’s a it’s a really great formula, because you can use it anywhere. Because the nice thing about marketing automation is you always are aware of context, right? somebody doesn’t just end that that day three and a campaign, they have to go through a process. So we got context. So I asked the I say By the way, btw, right for sure. And that’s a softener that, if you say, by the way, why you so ugly, you know, it just softens the whole thing. It doesn’t make it harsh. Me. versus if you just said it without it. So Btw, by the way just softens things. So I say, btw, why did you? And that’s those are the three words you should write down. Why did you know the beautiful thing about the Why did you part of this question is there’s not a wrong answer. Right. So I if I asked you, why did you ask me to be on the podcast? No matter what you say it’s the right answer. Because it’s what you think, why did you do it? So I can ask that question at any stage. And the reason that’s important is a lot of people don’t realize that when they ask a question, if the question appears to command a certain answer, people are hesitant to answer it. The other thing though, about the Why did you is it caused the person to reflect Why did I take that action? And when it when you do that, it can heighten all the motivations behind why you started taking the course of action in the first place, which is important from a marketing and sales perspective. So somebody who’s gone through some sort of process, it gets to a point, send them a text message. Why did you request let’s say, it’s my book, right? So I said, Hey, text, this number to get my book. And then I can say, why did you request the book? Well, there’s no wrong answer. That’s good. And whatever answer they give me, whether they give it to me by texting back, or they just think it, right? I benefit from either one of those scenarios. Because if they just think about like, why did I want Ryan’s book? Oh, yeah, I, I texting is like a big deal. And I know, it should be part of my business. But it’s not. I wanted to know, how do you use it better in my business? Okay, so even if they don’t send all that back to me, they thought it. And now that changes their whole the way that the brain will now focus on things. So have you ever heard of the particular activator? activator as part of the human brain, that when it becomes aware that something’s important, it sees it everywhere? So if you like saw a car, and you’re like, Oh, I really liked that car. Next thing, you know, you’re going to see that car everywhere. And it will be that specific car will be that same make a model, you know, it’s all over the place. Now. It’s popping up everywhere. It’s because it’s not because it wasn’t there all along. But it’s because now your brain has been activated to recognize that thing, because your conscious mind said this is important. Right? So that’s another neat thing about the YW question, is it just why did you and then context? So why did you fill out the form? Why did you ask for the report? Why did you whatever the thing is that got them to this point. And that question, brings up all those things. So even if they don’t respond, you still win. Because now their brain has turned on that particular activator. Looking for the motivation behind that everywhere.

The brain operates entirely on questions 34:55
But without part of the brain that that kind of it’s going to it’s again, provocative that word, it’s going to provoke me to think even subliminally, you know, a day or two later, I’ll be like, Well, why did I do that? Oh, this is why I did that. I better get back in conversation with those people. It’s really fascinating because the brain operates entirely on questions. Yeah, is a question asking and answering mechanism? Hmm. So when you ask a question, your brain is so anxious to find the answer. That’s why really great music is so enjoyable is because it’s constantly raising questions. And then after a little bit of suspense, answering them. That’s why a great movie, ask questions. And then after a little bit of suspense answers them, and very fulfilling when you get the answer to a question. And so raising questions is really useful for helping people to come back to getting the answer. There’s something inside of them that wants to fulfill that.

The world is coming to an end 36:01
Well, that’s how this podcast started. You started with the world is coming to an end, because of this. And I was like, well, we better figure out how to better figure this out. On this podcast, you know, and and the world come to the end was your phone’s going straight voicemail, and there’s and and and you better do something about it. before that happens. Yeah, need in you need a clear strategy? I think we gave people some pretty good guidelines on how to establish that strategy. Yeah. And that, but that YW question is going to be critical in the whole thing, the whole thing. And this is why is because if you don’t know how to start conversations through text message, you’re going to be shot. So you have to start learning about how do I start conversations? And, you know, a YW question is really easy. It’s not necessarily level two or three question, but it’s a baseline, you can use that formula in any scenario. And in fact, if you’re using, like the keyword phone number concept I talked about earlier, I even have a full question, you could ask and just swap out the keyword. And is, why did you text keyword to mine to this number today? You know, I mean, so you could use that question, you have to think you just pop the question, substitute keyword with whatever your keyword is, you know, mine was demo. So YX demo today. Fantastic, easy question. Anybody can ask that immediately. They don’t have to think through things enough to sit down and kind of, you know, what should I do? What kind of questions should I do this the same problem that people have with writing copy, right? If you’re like, oh, here’s a simple email campaign, you should put together here’s three steps, you need to tell them about this, this and that. Oh, okay, great. Now, how do I write the email one, right, that’s going to be a week, you know, trying to figure out you buy one, and then email to that’s another week, and then they’re going to give up for the female three. That’s really common. I’m not saying that to belittle anybody. That’s really common. Yeah, I struggle with it. I’ve been doing this stuff for over a decade, and I struggle with it. I imagine you struggle with it at times. Oh, yeah. That’s why the question is so important. If you just know what the question is to ask, Well, you don’t have to think about it. You just substitute your keyword in it. And then when you do that, it’s really effective. It’s a great question to ask.

Shoan 38:26
So what other little tidbits do you have?

Ryan 38:29
Well, you know, the big deal really is it’s that simple.

Shoan 38:33
Well, wait a minute. So you have a couple books. I’ve read them. Uh huh. And they’re actually still sitting in the dress. I don’t know what you call the dresser drawer next to your bed. Yeah, your nightstand is a nightstand. Yeah. And they’re in there. And I know the ones green ones black and you held one up earlier?

The messaging connection 38:52
Yeah. So this is this one right here. I held up earlier as the messaging connection is the most recent one. Okay. And it was I have the physical book, obviously, I send people the PDF and an audio version, it’s me reading it. Right, but you to sleep each night if you want.

Shoan 39:11
That’s what I use them for. : -)

Ryan 39:13
That’s why they’re the key word learn 29498355300 i given those two. The other book that you mentioned is what I don’t know, I have three books that are pertaining to our audience here today.

Shoan 39:29
Well, ones green and white and has a funnel on it.

Controlling the flow of money, and profit 39:31
Yeah, that’s called How to fix your funnel. And then that one, what we talked about is, every business is plagued by a limitation. There may be multiple things that are breaking down the business. But there’s one thing that’s controlling the flow of money, and profit as an extension. And so that book teaches you how to identify what is that one thing that’s holding back the business. And it’s a really important skill to get, you can pick it up pretty easy. But it’s really important because a lot of people don’t do that a lot of people what they do instead is they work on whatever worked before. So if they accidentally did something, and then the business was better, they try and do that more, right? So the like if they didn’t have leads, and then they finally figured out how to get leads. And now the business grew to a certain point. They’re like, okay, the business was good, it’s growing. How do I make it grow further? Like, that’s it, I need more leads? And so they go back to getting more leads. But then that probably isn’t the answer at that point? Well, probably something else is probably their conversion needs to improve. It’s not good enough. So in any rate, that’s what that books about as it walks you through how to identify what is the most important thing to work on. Because if you work on stuff, that’s not important, you don’t get any results. And then you get frustrated because you waste a bunch of time and effort and didn’t get any money out of it.

Goals and aspirations in life 42:41
you have to work right? You have to have a company, you know, if you’re going to be entrepreneur, you can have a business. The question is, how long do you want it to last? Do you want to restart every two years? You know, do you want to have to figure something out new every, you know, few years, I personally don’t know why would like to start a business stay in that business and stay in it long term. And in order to have a long term business, that’s successful, you got to have good math, right? That’s always a problem. If there’s bad math, doesn’t matter. If you do everything else, right, it’s not going to work. So good math means it’s going to make you money, and then you’re going to be happy to do the work, right. So you can have good math, if you have good math, you have to build relationships, even if your customers only do business with you once they can refer to you. And so whatever it is, you have to have good relationships. And so if you look at people as being humans, right, not little treasure chest, walking around with your money, you’re trying to get it out of them. I’ve heard that that analogy before. But if you look at them as actual people, just like you and me, who have goals and aspirations in life, they’re trying to accomplish something, even if it’s as mundane as taking away their hunger, or something as deep as you know, taking something off of their bucket list, whatever the case may be, if if you’re able to help them achieve that goal in some way, and you actually care about them, and you hope that they have, you know, success at getting whatever it is they’re after. And your company can actually facilitate that in some way. Now, we’re in the right ballpark of where you’re going to be able to have good experiences for the customers. And again, it can be anything I knew these, I know this couple who has a donut shop in San Diego County. And they make a point of getting to know every one of their customers. And they’ll they know their names. And like I’ve been in there a handful of times they know my name and my birthday somehow. I don’t know when they shot it. But somehow they know it. And so if I show up, you know, and that’s in San Diego, their house Tucson, you know, they know me. Yeah. And so they took the time and effort to actually create a personal relationship. Well, that makes me think twice when I’m deciding where to go for doughnuts whenever I’m in San Diego, you know what I mean? Right. So this building of relationship is really critical to long term success. You know, so you want to be doing the same thing in your business. And so when it comes to texting and stuff, that’s a very intimate form of communication. So before I taught people how to do really good at texting, in my book, the messaging connection, I teach them, how to look at people properly. Because if you look at them as just little treasure chest, or money bags, that have your money you’re trying to get out of them, everything’s going to be wrong, your messaging is to be wrong, the way that you try and text them is going to be wrong, you’re just going to tick people off. And if anything, you’re going to drive your business in the ground faster. So I do make a point in the book to really dig into that. Because at a philosophical level, too, I feel like that’s the most important thing that you can do is create relationships with people and respect them, and take care of them with dignity.

Communicate something to people, that’s reassuring 47:37
But yeah, and that will see what you just exemplified there is and you know, there was a time when I wasn’t really into the mental stuff. I know, just get the stuff done. But I’ve come to realize that it’s really critical that you have a clear vision of what you’re about. And that clear vision that you have allows you to come from place that is centered. Right? Right. It’s not out here. It’s not little, this is my persona for business. It This is me know, this is who I am, whether we’re talking about business or not. I be always, and that authenticity is, you know, it helps people to know where you’re coming from, with confidence, because you can’t really fake that I don’t believe, yeah. So when when you come from a place of certainty about what you’re here, doing and what you’re about, I think that communicate something to people, that’s reassuring, and it helps them to know, hey, I can trust this person. And I feel like everything you do is going to be more successful when you come from that place of I know absolutely, like care about In fact, I don’t know if they do in the book by definitely do it in a podcast episode Trent and I did about the book. Yeah, they talked about how, if you don’t love the people that you serve, you should stop serving them. Right? You should go find a different business where you love the people that you serve. And I mean that in the purest sense of the word, which is to care about genuinely and hope for the best right for that person. Because if you can’t come from that place, everything you’re going to do is going to be tainted.

Guess what? Life is very rich 49:11
Yeah. And if you do come to a place, guess what life is very rich, it blesses you tremendously. And I can say that, you know, we’ve been very fortunate, because we’ve done the work we’ve done to do well. So it’s not just that you have to, it’s not just having a purpose that drives you, you can have a purpose. And you can also do well, they’re not opposites. They’re actually the same one, the person who doesn’t really care about the people he serves, will make money, but they won’t keep it, they’ll lose it because the money isn’t attached to anything real. So it will slide away, they’ll get sued. They’ll get taken by a government agency or something will happen. Yeah, you see a lot. But the sincere person who also is committed to excellence, then uses good fundamentals for marketing and sales and good mechanics, like the texting, like we’re talking about. We have all those things and you do the good mechanics, and you do the good fundamentals and all that. Well, then everything else goes well, at least that’s been my experience.

We only have a limited amount of time on Earth 50:17
Yeah. One of the things that you all know if you talk about it too much anymore. But used to talk a lot about we only have a limited amount of time on Earth.

Ryan 50:29
That’s pretty fundamental to the whole thing. We don’t know how many days we have on Earth, right? I’ve known people that were kids that have died. And I know people that are really old to die. We don’t know how long we get to live somewhere very healthy. New, this one guy, he’s out for a jog, totally healthy. falls over dead.

The nature of this world is you have to work 51:10
Yeah, we do know that we have to work, right? It’s the nature of this world is you have to work. And so if you’re going to be doing something, you might as well do something good. might as well do something that’s fulfilling something that you wake up excited to do. And something that can care for yourself and the people that you love, and all those things work together. They don’t, they’re not this, you know, disjointed. All those things come together. The secret is figuring out what what are those things that come together? And when you do, like, you can do amazing things, I think,

Vision 54:03
What’s the one thing in business you always wanted to do, but haven’t done yet?

Give it to a larger audience 54:10
Okay, well, you know, something that I would like to do more of I’ve done before, but haven’t done it as frequent is speak more. I feel like I’ve got a lot to give. And usually I’ve given it in smaller crowds. Yeah, give it to a larger audience. I haven’t ever received negative feedback, at least not for the last 12 years on stuff I’ve taught. But you know, big audiences is something I haven’t

Claim your life back 55:30
what I was going to say is, I remember going to fix your funnel, I think it was the second one. Or maybe it was the first one. Claim Your Life Back and Tyler spoke there. Yeah. And one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen a speaker do is he had a slide that says Don’t panic. And he changed the the slide, and then the whole room quiet. And he goes, Well, don’t panic. And then he goes, I can’t remember why I put that slide in there. But whatever you do, Eddie Eddie, he did the little tiny thing. But whatever you do, don’t panic. laughing. So to this day, I want to put that slide in my slides, just to present do that little, you know, and it was a great a great pattern break as well. Yeah. So I, you know, I have my live event. You know, I’m doing live events, dm, dm ambassador, and I really have the gift to community. So I think that I can grow this into a larger thing. I have to be careful with it, not offend anybody, especially the traffic and conversions, people. But you know, we would love to have you come speak at a live event. Craig Jacobson spoke on one he’s going to be on on this podcast as well. Yeah.

Shoan 57:25
Yeah. So you know, you might visit sometime. And we’ll just have you guys come and present on the stage once let me know for sure. I’d be happy to Yeah, need Shoan anything bad. I’m so this is great. This is really been great. So So again, it’s Ryan Chapman with fix your funnel, and you have another software called

Active Campaign trip Convert Kit and HubSpot 57:47
text. Yep. Yeah, the text is for Active Campaign trip Convert Kit and HubSpot.

Text the word demo 57:53
And everything we spoke about all the fundamentals that we spoke about, are there. Yeah, they’re going to work on all those technologies. We’d love to have you on another podcast coming up. So for people to find you what something what I know, you said text the word demo, and then you had two things. So what’s the best way for people to connect with you?

760-621-8199 58:17
You know, if they just have questions, or they want to they want to chat, they can just text us at 760-621-8199. If they’re curious about the book, the messaging connection, I’d love to have a free copy, they can text learn to 949-835-5300. The reason for the different numbers is one is for our fixture, funnel business. And then the other one, I was assigned a phone number to a book. So that’s the color the messaging connections, phone numbers, the 94955300 number

Shoan 58:51
so you got it. That’s great. I actually have two phone numbers. And we have like six phone numbers. Yeah, but I’m have for that exact reason to separate and segment. Yeah. Thanks for jumping on board and we’ll be talking with you soon. Sounds great. Okay, thanks again.


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