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Matt LaClear – Your SEO Squad

I started in SEO in 2008 in an effort to sell more websites to clients. At that time folks were beginning
to realize that a website without tra

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Shoan 0:00
Hello, and welcome to automation rehab podcast. My name is Shoan Snoday. I am the founder and the voice of automation rehab. And today we have Matt look clear from your ad squad LLC. On the show. Yay, I went on

Matt LaClear 0:18
a Shoan I’m just happy to be here, man. I just turned 50 I’m alive. And I’m on your show. What can get better than that?

Shoan 0:25
Man. 50 is the next 60

Matt LaClear 0:29
I’ll hold you to that brother.

I’m a pastor’s kid 4:01
Well, I’m a youth pastor, and my dad’s a senior pastor. So I’m a pastor’s kid. It’s about it’s about ministry to others, not just like, Hey, here’s the gospel, do this do that. Thou shalt not, it’s more Hey, what would you need done? Let us do that for you. And, and we, because we came from a presence of, we went from 11,000 clients, when penguin hit when the algorithm change in 2012 to 2425 clients, and that’s about what we top off now even, and, and our attitudes towards those customers changed dramatically. Because Because we could form wonder, we couldn’t build relationships with 11,000 people. But darn it, you can build relationships with 25 people and have them remain your clients for years on it. Right. And so that’s kind of our mission statement is just minister to the clients take care of them. If they do, sometimes we get some mission creep, they started adding other stuff on to it. And usually we just let them get away with it. Because maybe next month, we won’t have to do as much, or whatever. But the point is just to be just just Hey, we’re just helping people. We’re not big on ourselves, that we’re these gurus or experts where it says people that understand SEO and, and we try to help people.

Do a redirect to a little more relevant article 9:10
Well, well, most of us are hoarders least our websites are hoarders we have so many things in our website that shouldn’t be on there. And what I mean, but we have closet fools, we have junk drawers. And we have you should see it in our in our kitchen, we have at least three or four junk drawers where we have seven children, and they just pile them in and a couple of the drawers and it becomes a new drunk junk drawer. But most websites today have a lot of junk drawers. And what’s wrong with that junk drawers is that it confuses Google bots when they hit the site. So So it’s almost like addition, through subtraction, what we do is we go through and find anything that isn’t converting on a site, if it’s if it’s if it’s a, if it’s a blog post that nobody has a bad bounce rate, we get rid of it. And we just thin out as much as we can, right when we get on the scene with the new client. And that usually gives a huge up in traffic. Because now Google can win when you eliminate the things that aren’t converting, when you’re eliminating the posts that nobody’s reading, when you eliminate the stuff that doesn’t receive any traffic, you look at Google Analytics and said, Man, nobody’s been here for nine months, it’s not going to hurt my site to get rid of this article, do a redirect to a little more relevant article or to the category if it’s an e commerce page, and then and move on. And if you do, and if your site’s been around for 567 years, the longer it’s been around, the more junk there’s laying around. And usually you get huge addition, subtraction. And that’s usually like I said, just any content that isn’t converting isn’t doing anything isn’t getting eyeballs. It’s just, it’s just a dead weight. And when the when Google’s bought, when the bots hit our sites, they have to understand it, they have to understand it fast. And if they don’t understand it, they get confused. And if they get confused, they they they index it wrong in a way that sort of like a confused mind does not buy. Yeah, I got that, right.

Reciprocation kicks in 20:10
Yeah, well, you can rush it to its who said that Ryan dice is always saying that, and I love him for sometimes it does hurt to ask. And if we ask too soon. And that’s what a lot of SEO companies do when they reach out to even like low level link prospects, where all they can give you is a link, they don’t have any referrals they give you. And it’s not even going to help your SEO that much. They don’t get that much traffic, but you get the link and you and you move on. And they just stick with those people. But even when you’re reaching out to those people, they’re still human. And if you if we reach out with our agenda, and the very first contact they have with us, filters go over there, their eyes, and they just delete it. But if if they know if they know that we did our homework, if they know that we’ve read their lead magnets, if they know that we read their blog posts and left intelligent comments and read their book, then recommend ended their book to they’re like, one of the things I’ll do is I’ll read their book, then I’ll go to their Facebook page and leave a recommendation for the book. And I become the champion of that person. And because a lot of the times we can’t, as business owners, we can’t self promote, because it looks bad. But if we get a champion come in self promoting for us, like I do that a lot. And Digital Marketer engage, I don’t know how many elite memberships I’ve sold the people. And I don’t even get paid for it. It’s just because I’m constantly recommending it. And digital market is very good to me too. I get a lot of referrals from them. So it’s, it’s just getting to a situation where you can help other people, but you do it and you just get selective about it and quit leading with our agendas. Because our agenda really doesn’t matter. What matters is the other person’s agenda, once they see that you’re trying to help them with their agenda, then so what can I do for you, then reciprocation kicks in. And even if they don’t do anything right away, we know that they liked us today point. And they’ve allowed us into their center, where and if as long as we get into their center, because any one of us can only handle 125 250 people in our lives. And if we get into somebody’s life, and we say we reach these 10 Golden prospects, and we reach out to these 10 Golden prospects, and only two of them respond back to us, well, those are the two I’ll spend my month with, and I’ll spend a lot of effort on it. And then then that business will come in from there. But it’s a lot easier to do that when you limit the amount of prospects you’re going after and just go after the people who can send you the most referrals, and they’ll end up giving you backlinks first. And those backlinks will be so valuable to your SEO, and I’ll give you and then you get another one and another one and then you end up it’s just it’s it’s kind of like dominoes just just falling over.

Our emotions are so important to these relationships 31:42
we spent a lot of time to get a client, she was perfect for a client. MQ was perfect for a client. And but we started talking politics, right after the relationship with Bill and we were on kind of different spectrums. And I just wanted to do that, well, I just blew it, I just do it. And there’s other times to where I get in really deep with somebody and I will have like a negative emotion for whatever reason. And because our emotions are so important to these relationships, if we, if we have a bad day, and we we, we pop off on somebody, or we talk negatively about ourselves, even in those days to them, it could spoil the whole thing. And that that’s the biggest drawback for me for the system, is it because it works in straight up words, you limit yourself to the people who can grow your business the fastest, you do it like, like you said, those people that asked you to do emails, I would if I wanted you to do an email for me and Shoan I would get on your list. And then I would show you how I can help you. And then I spent a month helping you do things. And probably, then I’d find a list for you somewhere and I would get you on somebody else’s list that would help you. You’ll say, Why are you doing this? Oh, well, I have some help. You can help me out with this at that point. It’s just

Where referrals will come from 43:40
One of the ways that seems to be happening is I get all these referrals from these people in my industry who just send me SEO. And, and like, I know a lot of digital marketing agencies that they just hired me to do their SEO for their clients, because it gives them a chance to do an upsell. We also do very well, book groups, like, I’ll find out, here’s the secret. Find one of your prospects that’s in your top 10 list, find one that has a paid group, like in Ryan dices in a really good example of that, because he has huge staff, and he’s got so much staff where you can try to reciprocate with them, but the staff will come in and steal them away. And it’s like a, but there, but if some prospects have a group, and you pay money to be in that group, whether it’s a bonus, or whatever that is, that’s where referrals will come from, because you want to pick somebody who there who shares the same buyer audience, right, and who isn’t your competitor. So get into those Facebook groups and get to get referrals from those big guys just start interacting in the, in the Facebook groups, and answering questions and whatnot. And then all of a sudden, you’ll have all the leads you need, people will think you’re the admin and they’ll they’ll start sending you traffic. And of course, we use SEO to get clients.

Just go off grid 50:30
Well, we’re are actively looking to sell our business. And we’re about five years away four years away from me. And we’ll do that. So what we’re doing now is doing all the work we have to do to get that foundation so we could sell it. And that means having solid lead sources and having all that stuff, I because I want to retire and start a homestead and I want to go off grid. And I want to grow tomato plants. I don’t really care for tomatoes. My wife loves tomato, but we want to start a small farm and grow our food. And just go off grid. I don’t know when we’ll get to do it. But it’s an active dream that’s getting louder and louder as I get older. Yeah, just something where I could get up and don’t have to do a bunch of SEO work and look at my computer, where I could just go out and pick weeds or something. That’s what I’m looking to do. Shoan

Shoan 51:19
Well, you know what they say?
If your wife likes tomatoes, then you like tomatoes?

I’m like a ninja 51:27
Are you gonna get really good at picking them off? I’m like a ninja picking this stuff off my food because she won’t take them out.

I got hours and hours and hours and hours and hours 53:33
probably the best way to get in touch with me as I my website at your SEO squad, calm, your SEO squad calm. I have a lot of I have those training videos. And I got hours and hours and hours and hours and hours of every step that it takes to implement how to get these referrals and links from the biggest people in your industry. And it’s absolutely free. And I’m not even the no opt in. I took the infusion soft fusion stuff off of it. So it’s free resource.

I’m actually helping them achieve their own agenda 55:59
cuz there, buddy. Be ready, man. They’re ready. But uh, but like Ryan dice, I’m sure knew what I was doing and some of the yos devolved. They know what I’m doing. But as long as I’m not being an eyesore, as long as I’m treating people, right. And as long as I’m actually helping them achieve their own agenda. They accept you.

Matt LaClear 57:07
Shoan It was fun, man.

Shoan 57:08
Alright, man. Thanks again. Take care, brother. Okay, bye bye now.


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