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Jordan Hatch – Fullstack Marketing

For more than a decade Jordan has been using his expertise in marketing automation, sales, process development and product management to help other Small Businesses be successful. As employee #10 at Infusionsoft, he was responsible for creating many of the amazing programs that Infusionsoft offers to help their customers get started, learn and implement the product. Recently, Jordan acquired Information Street (now Full Stack Marketing), one of Infusionsoft’s oldest and largest partners, in order to work more closely with Small Businesses to help them be successful.

Jordan’s mastery of automation strategy, coupled with his sales and marketing experience, and personal drive to help entrepreneurs succeed; have made him a true “Mastermind” in the Infusionsoft community.

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Shoan 0:01
Hello and welcome to sobriety society. My name is Shoan Snoday I am Oh shit. Already cussed. I said the wrong podcast.

Shoan 0:12
Hello and welcome to automation rehab. My name is Shoan Snoday. I am the founder and the voice of automation rehab and today we have Jordan hatch on the line. But first a word from our sponsor. All right, Jordan, welcome to the podcast, man. I’m great. I’m glad that Okay, hold on.

I was employee number 10 at Infusionsoft 1:50
It’s actually kind of funny. So, I I’ve been, I’ve been around for a while I, I was employee number 10, at Infusionsoft. So that that’s how I got into it. But the way I got into it was totally random. I actually was working in in construction for my uncle’s company, and I live in Arizona is hot like it’s super hot, stupid, hot, and working outside sucks and my buddy that’s my best one of my best friends since fifth grade, told me about his cousin was working at this company that needed a support rap and

I was, was always planning to be a lawyer 2:00
Turned out to be, you know, I don’t know if you remember Cody Jones, but who I also knew from high school and stuff, but he, he got me an interview with Scott. And it was Scott Martineau, and Brad MMartineau, actually at the time. And that that’s how I kind of got into it. But it was the plan was always just, hey, this is a job like a job to do all I’m going to school.
And they were super accommodating and all that and it ended up being my full time thing I was, was always planning to be a lawyer, actually. Yeah. And that that changed that that day that I got hired at Infusionsoft. Yeah. And it’s funny because a lot of us make as much money as a lawyer and we didn’t have to take the bar or, or have hundreds of thousands of dollars in student debt or go to school for an extra five years.

How you can Infusionsoft help you 5:29
I was on the account management team. And we had this this massive book of business of customers that we were supposed to talk to you on a regular basis. And so I just said, Hey, well, let’s start just doing webinars. And so I started doing a weekly webinar, where it was, yeah, like you said, it wasn’t always about Infusionsoft. I mean, it always had something to do like, you know, it was like, Hey, here’s this big thing that you can do. And then here’s how you can use Infusionsoft to help you know with that

I’ve got more freedom 11:00
Right. And it’s been awesome. It’s it’s definitely different. You know, it’s, it’s, there’s still a lot of stress. It’s a different kind of stress. Yeah. But it’s, you know, I’m making more money. I’ve got more freedom, you know, it’s like the entrepreneur dream, right. You know, and it’s, it’s worked out great. It’s been it’s been a fun ride the last year and a half. Yeah. And I’m really glad that you took over that brand, and made it your own. Because, you know, it’s just the integrity that you live in and the honesty.

Infusionsoft ecosystem 15:00
Right, they’re not doing the volume, it’s not worth the headache or the hassle, you know, of all the other stuff. And they’re not going to get the benefit of being in a brokerage. Right. And what we’ve what I’ve seen over the last, you know, 1212 years plus is that there’s a lot of partners in the ecosystem, and specifically and it’s not just the Infusionsoft ecosystem, it’s Infusionsoft it’s Active Campaign. It’s HubSpot. It’s a bunch of other things. That they’re they’re really great agents, but they’re not great brokers. Right? And so what we’ve done is basically set up and said, Hey, we’re let us be the broker, let it and you can sell and you’ll get all the benefits and everything that you would through being a you know, an infusion, soft partner on your own, you get those through us, but will give you more, right and so when I bought the business, there were 27 partners in our program and in in a year and a half. We’re at 100. Right. So I think I think we’ve got something here. You

I actually accidentally called him Oil 20:18
Like 2008? I think, yeah. And I actually accidentally called him oil. Because I looked at I forgot his name. And I looked at his name. And I saw, it just said, Ali. Yeah, I called him oil. And he got up about it every time I see him. Good. Well, I’m gonna start calling him that. I tell him I tell him I tell him about that. And he’s, he’s, he’s taken off. And so I’m following a little bit of his direction for like, local events here. So So what is your event thing was I do? So it’s going to be a whole solution. So basically, what it is, is it’s for people that that do events on a regular basis. It’s one basically one campaign

You can’t Tinder swipe that crap 28:14
But the reality is, as a business owner, you don’t have time to go through if you’re generating, you know, thousand leads a month or you’re generating 50 leads a month, it doesn’t matter. You don’t have time to go through and identify real fake real fake, like, you can’t Tinder swipe that crap, you know? And so that’s what lyst cleaners all about is saying, hey, what are the things that you know, what’s something simple that we can put in place that’s between, you know, you know, between you and them, that can say, hey, these are the things these are the signatures or these are the things that these spam bots are doing, that we can easily identify and we can just toss them, you know, delete them or tag them or, you know, not let them go through the rest of your funnel or whatever else. Y’all know. This is the room

Algorithm that checks the engagement 34:00
Yeah, when and I remember when I started with Infusionsoft, they had two servers, there was one that was that sent out a broadcast. And there’s the other one that sent out just the one offs that you sent through the contact. But then they started getting more sophisticated, and they started getting, and I don’t know if this is true or not, but they have the servers that that they some algorithm that checks the engagement. And if the better engagement you have, then the more deliver ability you have through. Yeah, kind of its they I don’t know, I don’t know how it’s changed in the last couple of years because I’m not as involved with it as I was before. But it used to be that there were three there were three groups of servers or there was the the transactional emails which is like your receipts, your order receipts, and yeah, and then and your one off emails. This

Decrease in spam complaints 42:00
out a decrease in spam complaints as well. There are a couple of things that you can do with like Google postmaster tools that you can go sign up for that. And that will help you know, what’s going on with, you know, when you’re sending to Gmail and, and things like that. Yeah. But yeah, generally, generally, you can see that and, you know,

Bigger and better things 50:13
So, you know, it’s a, I’m in this like, flux, right with, you know, I’ve been doing services I’m going to, I’m only going to keep my one client, my one big client, and I’m trying to get into these, these bigger and better things. And part of that is, you know, making lyst cleaner better, you know, adding more features to it, you know, like I said, implementing clean 13 and integrating that and then also

Bigger fish in a bigger pond 55:32
like you’re a bigger fish in a bigger pond. But also like you could really roll out this list cleaner and helping the Infusionsoft community. The more you help the infusion soft community The more you get lyst cleaner out there the most. The more you do both of those, the better. The entrepreneurial spirit is going to be totally globally because this is a global software. And all of us are here to make the world a better

Jordan Hatch with 1:01:22
and so it’s again, Jordan Hatch with, or full start, full stack marketing dot CEO. Yep. So go ahead, check that out. And definitely, if you’re an infusion soft user, you’re going to want to go to lyst Go ahead, fill out the form, use it for nine days, you have to use it for nine days for free. Then after that, it’s less than a happy meal. It’s right around the same cost as a meal at McDonald’s yet for a month. I mean, who can’t afford that. That’s like a no brainer. So again, Jordan, I want to thank you for showing up and I’d love to have you back when you’re

Jordan 1:02:00
On to the next level. Yeah, I’d love to have it. Love to come back. Thanks. Okay, we’ll talk soon.


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