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Intro by Shoan 0:00
Alright. Hey, this is Shoan Snoday with automation rehab, and I am the founder of tea leaf marketing. And today we have David Bullock on the line, who bet you’ve got your fingers in a lot of things. So I want to welcome you to the podcast, man show. Well, you know, I’ve got 10 fingers, and they all need to be busy. So
I know that’s right. I remember that, you know, I have nine, I lost my finger. nail clipper, one time. I had to bring it up. So cool, man, it’s good to have you on the podcast, I’ve known you a long time, I know that you’ve got a lot of different technologies and you’re really a master at a lot of you’ve actually helped me with some of the things technically where you know I have this thing with CD ends and and you know a lot with that and and and just my way of thinking I was like, I monster automation rehab, the website is because of you, I’ve been able to turn monster the back end and really Frankenstein it. So I want to thank you for doing that.

But much.

Dave’s Personal Mission 2:09
my personal mission has always been connecting people. Right, um, and that goes way back to the late 70s, early 80s. And when I first got into computers, and back then there was no connection, you had to do dial up bulletin systems and whatnot. And those I mean, those came really in the, in the mid 80s. But as, as an avid computer user, who wanted my software doesn’t matter. My realization was that I had to connect people for the software to matter, otherwise, it was just running in a vacuum by itself. And that’s where the real magic was for me.

How it all Started 2:52
after I got out of the military, in the early 90s, got back into it, and got into the whole bulletin board membership thing pre internet and then post internet it, it kind of morphed into the web, then doing more business oriented things there and working, I worked for a marketing company, and that sent me into that whole world. And, and yeah, so memberships have been a part of my life since since the, I’d say the mid 80s. And like at for the US net. I was not unused that I was in dial up. So there was something called Fido and there were bulletin board systems, right. And 80s, I ran a single line bulletin board systems and in the 90s, I ran multi line with 32 and 64. dial up lines that would serve a region like for example, Southern California.

Turbo Buttons 3:45
Right. So good question. Did you have a turbo button?

YES! 3:51
It did.

The Early Days 3:54
Everybody by Atari 800 XL had 256 K of RAM and double sided business. My Apple to had a full 64 K of RAM and I learned a program originally on punch cards, believe it or not,

Shoan’s Early Geek 4:07
yeah, COBOL I did that.

Dave programs with cards 4:09
Fortran in my case? Yeah. Fortran. Yeah. I got lucky. And that’s something I, I talk when I do talk to people about my history, which is not terribly often that. So one thing I stresses my father got into computers very early, I had the opportunity to go to a local community college acceleration program. When I was in elementary school, that’s when I learned to program on punch cards. That’s all there was none. Yeah, I got it, I got that exposure, you know, and my father started a business, writing blood gas analysis software. And that got me into computers. And, you know, I just, I had to learn how to program them. And I’ve always looked at computer as being something something akin to like a Lego set that you can just do anything with. And that’s, that’s been kind of an intoxicating draw to me. And, you know, talking about connection, where that fits in is, you know, at the time in the late 70s, I was into Dungeons and Dragons, like half the other nerds out there. And, you know, that’s a multiplayer game where you you play with other people, it’s very social. Yeah. Yeah.

you know, you know, and so I wanted to use the computer to make that work. And that’s kind of what pulled me into the whole realization that I needed to connect people and not just build things in a vacuum.

Dave’s Mission in a Nutshell 5:40
Cool. So your mission is just really connecting people. You know, yeah, fostering that, that, you know, not just the connecting with but the cross communicating?

Dave is Affecting the World 5:53
Yeah. I mean, I’ve always had this conception, my head that unless the program is affecting the world, the real world somehow, even indirectly, it’s doing anything, you know, kind of, kind of, like, if a tree falls in the forest, nobody hears it didn’t make a sound. If your program is affecting somebody back isn’t doing anything. Right, you know. And so I, my path to that was bringing people together and and making it a source of communication and coordination.

Shoan’s Tagline 6:22
Yeah, my tagline is, we don’t sell hope we fulfill it. So when I work with people, you know, they’re going to, you know, we call ourselves AWS, right? Like, there will be the coach out there, hey, I’m going to teach you how to make $600 million with just by clicking this button. And, and, you know, but we’re really the ones, you know, doing all of the conversions and the traffic and the automation, and the follow up, and you’re actually the one designing that. So that’s even more ninja

Dave Bullock – The Digital Blacksmith 7:01
I’m the digital blacksmith. And I, you know, I always used to laugh because you read like old time stories with the son of the blacksmith, right? And he’s a blacksmith, just like his father and the father before him. And, and I look back at like, holy cow, my, my father was a computer programmer, entrepreneur, you know, aspiring entrepreneur, he never, he never realized it. And, you know, never came together. And what have I turned into? I’m just, you know, another iteration of my father’s dream. I’m the blacksmith son of a blacksmith. Yeah, it’s kind of funny son.

2009 was an interesting period 11:47
So it was interesting, from 2000 to about 2009 was an interesting period. I, I work for one group investors is kind of a small, I was on a small town team floating between a couple different companies that they own, and we’d go in and basically be senior not not executive management, would we be senior management to come in and, and get things on track. So I’ve worked at video games for a while. And around that, I was also working for a department of defense contractor doing encryption and security for the God and different TLH and the government, not not remotely as sexy as it sounds. But it was good solid work and got a lot of smart people. And 2009 I was kind of done with that was not the most fulfilling work. Basically working with smart hearts and encryption. And I went into the coaching community. And we were talking a little bit before the podcast started about that. Right. And I started working for a large, fairly well known coach in the space. I worked there for a couple years and transitioned basically worked my way up to Vice President technology. And then as that wound down transitioned to becoming a contractor, and that’s when Memberium was born.

Major builders 24:33
Yeah, so So a couple of pieces is one we have some template pages to we support all the major builders as part we don’t support some things, but not for lack of desire to but we do support elementor in Divi, and Gutenberg and Beaver Builder

joy of delivering customer experience 32:17
yeah, definitely something that I I’ve pulled back away from because it’s just, it doesn’t jive with, with my cultural values. And you know, that that whole customer the joy of delivering customer experience, customer support, you know, just being there to solve problems for people.

Office Hours 35:58
you know, depending on where in the world you are, but we set up our office hours time so that one call can be more accessible to Europe. And the other call can be more accessible to Southeast Asia and Australia. So Tuesday mornings at 9am. Pacific, we we do a an office hours, and Thursday afternoon at 2pm. Pacific, we do an office hours, and you just need to be a member? Or how do you get on this new schedule? So if you go to memberium, CT, there’s a link there on the side. I believe the actual link is men slash office dash hours, right? That’ll take you to the zoom sign up. And that that puts you on the zoom call. And there we are. Yeah, that’s cool.

What’s the one thing in business that you’ve always wanted to do? 38:29
well, we’re getting to the top of the hour. So I’m usually to wrap this up. I asked them one question, which I asked everybody. And the design all my podcast is as what’s the one thing in business that you’ve always wanted to do? But you haven’t done it

Games 38:46
Games. I’ve worked in the game industry for a while. And and it can be pretty grueling. But actually, like I touched on earlier, you know, part of my love with computers back in the late 70s was Dungeons and Dragons am Bill NH back there. To make a game, you know, not not a triple A title, World of Warcraft thing, but to do something just fun. You know, almost like a palate cleanser, because what I do is satisfying, but it’s satisfying from a business ROI perspective. You know, I know my customers are getting value, and they’re delivering more value because of it.

But it’s just plain fun.

Easter eggs 42:29
Yeah, you know, there’s those are destiny brain cells. And, you know, we had like, when windows came out, they had these little Easter eggs in there. But another thing they had they had Weezer’s. Now this is Windows for Workgroups. They had a Weezer’s video in there. Oh, really? Got a lot of wallet. I think it might have been a what’s it called when a company when the windows was written specifically for that company?

OEM 43:01
The OEM version?

Buddy Holly song 43:03
Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. But I think it was, I think Bill Gates just like Weezer, and that one with Buddy Holly, that Buddy Holly song. I was in Windows for Workgroups. And it was like just to see a video plane in an operating system in 1991. Or maybe 1990 or 91. That was like, crazy.

Always keeps me humble 43:28
And no one knew about it. It’s funny, you mentioned that because that touches on something always keeps me humble. When I when I think I’ve got it all figured out. Yeah, I used to read a magazine called compute. And then at I want to say was 83, there was an article about computer graphics and how they were getting better, and how eventually we’d have digital actors and digital stages. And I remember looking at my atari and my PC and going there is no way this guy is just, he’s on drugs was Frank Alessio. And, and for some reason that stuck with me, because it was just so outrageous. Yeah, that fast forward to what 93 and Jurassic Park and it was like, Oh, my God. Yeah, he was right. And I just didn’t have it. There was what that was one of two things. I didn’t have the vision. The other one was when I first ran the web On NCS a mosaic.

CSS styles 44:29
It was like, in back then there was no CSS styles, images. Were on the left. There was no not even

mime format 44:35
everything was text. You had to download mime format images.

Crystal ball 44:41
Yeah. And I remember trying that and going, this is a waste of time. Yeah. Yeah. So yeah, my crystal ball, is it safely put away? As far as you know, I do a little bit more thinking now when I would things like that, you know, where could this go? Not what is it today? But where could this go? Right?

how would people connect with you 45:43
right? Speaking of something you love, how would people connect with you and find out more about what you’re about what you’re doing? 45:51
Yes, so there’s

That’s the main product site there’s convert more webinars calm which is a new just being polished up webinar product there. You can reach me by email David Bullock at web Power and Light calm. And slash office or members comm slash office dash hours, if you want to jump on one of our office hours. Yeah, that’s not limited to customers. And you know, it’s kind of a free for all. So So yeah.

Convert More Webinars 46:23
So with all of those things, there’s forward slash, office hyphen hours, definitely check that out. You’ll be able to connect with them through a webinar and even ask questions. And if you’re interested, they’ll be able to give you more information on what you want to do. But another thing that you said was convert more convert more webinars. Yeah. And that’s an automated webinar. Right?

Automated webinar system 46:46
Yeah, that’s it. It’s an automated webinar system. That’s still pretty brand new. I’m working on that with Mary Kay Morgan. She’s finishing up her sales videos. I don’t know when this will go up. But yeah, that’s, that’s kind of progress.

Great talking to you. 47:38
Yeah, great talking to you. It’s been too long.

Okay 47:41
We’ll tell you more soon. Okay. All right.


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