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Ron Romano is President of IMS Corp. a Consulting and Marketing Company. Ron is known for his expertise in developing comprehensive marketing plans integrating both online and offline marketing campaigns.

He has helped over 10,000 Small and Medium-size Businesses increase their sales and profits by then implementing tested and proven turn-key marketing systems. Not only do these marketing systems build a database of highly qualified prospective patients, increase the lifetime value of your existing patients, they run on auto-pilot.

Ron has co-authored several marketing books, including Dan Kennedy’s 1st “No B.S. Direct Marketing – The Ultimate No Holds Barred Kick Butt Take No Prisoners Direct Marketing For NON-DIRECT MARKETING BUSINESSES”; Ron also was a contributing author on How to Implement Automated Systems to create more leads and more sales, in the “Walking With The Wise” series.

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3) A marketing campaign is not a one and done, successful marketing campaigns are a multi-step program


Instant Marketing Systems: It is critical to your success to have an integrated plan that is consistent with your marketing message and market positioning.


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Successful marketing is an integrated 3 step process each being dependent on the other.


00:02:08 – A virtual secretary
Well, years and years ago, I actually owned an interconnect business. So we sold business telephone
systems. And, and then we were I imported and became an importer of a couple of unique lines of, of
telephone systems, one being tolerated, which was a Jewish made telephone system. So and I did that
because I could increase my margins because northern telecom was extremely competitive, as is all
the name brands. And so by going into a specialty type of telephone system, first of all, I could
capture, you know, one corner of the market. And then the margins. You know, they you know, they
weren’t as competitive. But from there what happened was I had a number of distributors as well and
I was at one of my distributors and notice that he was on a computer signing up people to this what
he called a virtual secretary, which was a one number system. And I kind of asked him like, what is
that and how does it work? And how much do you charge? He says, Why charge $89 a month? And I said,
How many clients do you have? And he says, 300. So I quickly did
the math, and I’m going, Okay, tell me a little bit more about this business. So at that point in
time, I went back to the office and talk to my head of head of it, and I said, Look, this is a
business we’re going to be in. It’s a service bureau business. It’s a monthly continuity business.
This is where we’re going to be. So we started developing that system. And one of our first clients
was Craig Proctor. Craig Proctor was just starting out. He was a real estate marketing guru. And at
that time, years ago, it was, you know, toll free recorded messages. It was facts, broadcasting.
There wasn’t a whole lot Internet or email marketing at that time, because this was in sort of the
mid to, you know, mid to late 90s. Right. And so, you know, Craig said, well, you guys with
technology, you’re all the same thing. You know, like, I don’t need technology, what I need is a
marketing system.

00:10:48 – I’m really interested in your products and services as long as they solve my problem
Well, again, the first thing is really assessing, you know, like, what you want to do, who your target market is, and then figure out where they hang out so you can attract people online. By pay per click, by organic SEO, by Google My Business, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, all kinds of online places you can go to attract people offline. There’s direct mail, print ads, inserts, niche publications, you’ve got seminars, radio TVs, there’s all kinds of places offline, depending on your
business model. offline or online, maybe better. We just did one client, and he’s after particular
niche market. And that niche market does not go online looking for stuff. They don’t do it. Yeah. So
you have to get them with direct mail. And so you have to create the direct mail to drive them to
the online part. So once you attract your target market, it’s again a numbers game. So how many
people are you going to attract and then what’s your conversion rate? So now you have to send them
to a conversion system. Now, a conversion system is normally online. That’s called website or a
landing page, it could be in store, it could be a phone call. There’s a lot of different things to
convert them. If you’re going to convert them online, you’re usually sending them to a website. And
I hate to call them websites because they should be marketing and conversion systems is most people
pay no attention. And all they do is, well, I need a website, I got a website, it’s up, it’s done.
They pay no attention to the navigation processes or the sales processes. They pay no attention to,
why their client came there and what problems they have and how you’re going to solve their problem.
They normally talk about their products or services, which I don’t really care about your products
or services. I care about my problem once you understand my problem, now, I’m really interested in
your products and services as long as they solve my problem.

00:17:54 – Most business owners are not normal people.
You can’t put what you believe or what you think, in front of other people. You put in front of them what works, right. And as long as
you’re testing and reading your numbers and looking and seeing what works, then you’re fine. Because
you like, your vote doesn’t count. The consumers vote counts. That’s what we’re interested in. And
so that’s what you have to have to read. You know, I rely on that, and actually rely on the
marketing aspect and rely on a marketing professional. It’s just like for retention. You know, like,
we always tell people like, Where’s your email program? How often do you send email programs? And,
you know, they say, Well, I don’t I don’t like getting emails, so I don’t send them Yeah, well, you
know, what kind of email Don’t you like getting? You probably don’t like getting a sales email.

00:22:31 – Everything is connected
The bridge between conversion and retention, and actually, it is integrated. So there’s, there’s a
conversion aspect for the first time client. And then there’s the conversion aspect from your
existing clients, or those prospects that have opted in. So you can see how it’s integrated
attraction is integrated conversion retention, integrated conversion, because you’re trying to
convert both of those prospects. So The retention is integrated by not by creating that community by
giving them good things that’s helpful, right? By letting them know that they can refer their
friends. I, like when we do a website 99 times out of 10 people have no refer a friend program on
their website. Absolutely not. They just expect people to refer clients, right? And well, yes, some
will. But you can actually quadruple your conversions by educating them on your referral program and
making it easy for them. I haven’t a page on their website, that if I’m talking to somebody, I can
go to your website page here. I’ll enter your email address right now you’re going to get a first
time discount for a first time offer or you’re going to get helpful information. Whether it’s a
medical guide is going to be a free report. It’s going to be a book. It’s going to be something
something tied into, I’m going to refer you and I’m going to introduce you to my community. And I’m
going to give you a bonus to do that. Right? So everything is connected, but everything’s a multi
step program.

00:29:10 – Why we offer a marketing review
It’s obvious to me, but but most people, just most business
people just don’t even come to the realization that they have systems in place right now they are
doing things right now. But they don’t bother to assess anything. Right. And so if if you want to
increase your business, if you want to, you know, like make more profits, the first thing you have
to do is see where you are right now. And this is why we offer a marketing review, because we want
to know exactly where you are with everything that you’re doing. Like, what is your website look
like? Is it configured properly? Now, how long are people spending on your website? What are they
doing there? What pages are they’re going to What are the next steps? Are you doing any email
marketing? Are you using Pay Per Click? Are you doing offline advertising? How much are you
spending? What are your ads look like? What’s your average transaction? Are there any obstacles to
your business? So we take like a full view, a whole marketing and business model review of what
you’re doing.

00:37:15 – Understanding what type of clients you want and what their hot buttons are
Every business is a little bit unique and different. Right and and that’s why we offer an
online marketing review. Okay? And it’s it’s like $97 it is 100% money back guarantee if you don’t
like what we say. But we we customize and the comprehensive objective complete online and online
marketing review, including your website, and all your marketing is that instant website So now once you understand your business model, once you understand what type of
clients you want and what their hot buttons are, now you can build in all kinds of retention systems
in there you can build in proper conversion systems and proper traffic systems because now you can
you can build that whole marketing campaign.

00:38:56 – We do a complete exam of their website
We’ve been using the system for for about four Five years now, and we have never refunded anybody
any money because no one has ever asked for it. So first of all, we take a look at their website.
And, you know, we do a complete exam of their website, from search engine optimization to website
performance to technical design to technical content, website accessibility, we look at both their
mobile site and and their laptop site. And it’s run through an automated program that gives you an
automated score. We also do a keyword analysis, and that’s run through a program as well. And then
we do we have an online marketing questionnaire. And that’s where we really dig into your business
because that’s a manual operation that I do personally. Right now, I spend about two hours ahead of
time going through the marketing review. So I understand your business model, you know, as best I
can, without talking to you, from website marketing, to SEO to customer retention to new customer
acquisition to email marketing, to double every aspect of your business. Then we Schedule a call,
it’s anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. And we go over, first of all your score, we go over what
you’re doing, what you’re not doing. And then I give you, you know, ideas, I give your concepts. We
go online, we take a look at your different marketing, we take a look at your website, I give you
suggestions, information, ideas. And then you can actually, in the old do everything yourself to fix
some things. We can help you fixing things, but it is a complete assessment like we normally do that
it’s a $500 value. You know, for $97 you know, people will do it because it’s like, it’s throwaway

00:41:45 – Shoan says, “Instagram because it’s just all flesh and ripped abs and butts.”
In my world in the digital and, you know, I’m a digital marketer, partner
with digital marketer. We just don’t talk about Instagram because it’s just all flesh and
ripped abs and butts. And it’s Like, look, you know, we’re not that there’s this girl, this little
girl that had like something like 5 million followers or 50 million followers or something. And
someone said, we will pay you 100 or something like $100,000 if you could sell $10,000 worth of
product, and she couldn’t do it, because no one was following her. Because they went to pay her
money. You know, they’re like, there’s her but there’s her chest, there’s her hair would be do and
she blasted out to her whole list and it didn’t convert at all right? So again, it’s like what you
said, get the right people in front of the right people at the right time, with the right message,
and also you don’t put a hippie on a military base.

00:43:34 – We got Ron Romano
We got Ron Romano, and it’s Go ahead and go there
right now and fill out the form. And again, it’s 97 you can afford that. It’s like the price of a
date. And you have a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee. He will take you through his
whole system from stem to starting to learn where your business is your website functioning at 100%.
I can guarantee you if you’re listening to this podcast at this point, it’s not so you want to go to
instant website Get in touch with Ron Romano. He’s going to make a powerful difference
in your business so you can sleep at night and have peace of mind.


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