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1) You can schedule a page post

2) You can set a post to expire from the newsfeed

3) Most event tickets are bought the week of, if not a couple of days before the event


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00:06:32 Life after Infusionsoft
I saw other agencies with more people struggling to make payroll and stuff like that. We learned a lot in the past year. And I guess the biggest thing was like, you really got to be clear on your WHY and why your people system has to be your rock and your foundation.

00:13:40 The BePro ideal target
The BePro ideal target would be any kind of a venue, a promoter entertainer or speaker that’s serving 1000 fans or more through live, in-person events each month.

00:15:15 Schedule a post tonight
All the bells and whistles that are available to you. So for example, did you know that you can schedule a page post? Okay, like a Facebook page, you can schedule a post tonight. I have a lot of tools that I use for that. You can, also, set a post to expire from the newsfeed. So the use case would be you’ve got a live event on Friday? Well, nobody needs to see that event. On Saturday, no one needs to see that post, it can expire. Right? And that’s something that you can do right out of the box with Facebook that they give you.

00:19:44 Tell a story from post to post
You can get really advanced and truly tell a story from post to post. So, you know, in 30 days, this comes in, you know, on the 31st on just look at the calendars that are trying to do the math on the fly. So on the 24th, we’re going to unveil the surprise open loop that’s open all month now. And then people are wondering what it is. And then being seven days before this loop has been open, which now opens up a third loop that we didn’t see or expect before, which we’re going to unveil two days before. And then you know, the next morning there is some extra bonus. It’s almost like the 40 cash machine. You’re just like layering on bonuses, except that instead of bonuses, you’re opening and closing loops in a series, and you’re creating the emotions that you want for people.

00:24:18 The Baloney Principle
You talked about it a little bit where you have you wrap it in the story. So you have this thing, but you’re wrapping a story around it before you get to what’s really going on.

00:29:23 Interest targeting on ads
Facebook will roll out a feature, not tell anybody and see who notices the extra button? Well, they introduced the idea of newsfeed targeting. This is where you can say that this specific post is geared towards people with these particular interests. And if you’re familiar with the way that you do interest targeting on ads, it appears to be the exact same engine. So just specifically, just that interest piece pulled out of ads. So when we’re doing a heavy metal show, we can say this is for people who like heavy metal, we’re doing a hip hop show this is for people who like hip hop. And then that way we avoid the things that you don’t really hear people talking about. So I don’t want my hip hop people to be seeing a bunch of heavy metal posts, because maybe we have a bunch of heavy metal shows coming up and they just don’t like us or they unfollow us, right. So it’s kind of taking emails list hygiene concepts, and to some point knowing them and truly allowing you to do this in social and optimize units, you’re able to segment your newsfeed, you’re able to segment your post your posts, but it’s the other side of the coin, you’re able to target your post, okay?

00:38:06 Download the Facebook Ads Manager
Now it is a distinct and separate app. It looks similar to the Facebook app, but it’s all the business end. So the distraction, it’s like, here’s your notifications, here’s your messages, here’s your wall where you can make posts and stuff. You can switch between pages. The second thing you definitely need to do is download the Facebook Ads Manager, and you can do simple adjustments and monitoring on the fly.

00:46:53 If things get sour
Well, that’s where business manager really handy because it’s very easy to instead of saying, hey, let me get individual access to your account, you can just say I’m going to give Shoan business manager access to this asset, and then we’re assuming he’s going to behave and do what he’s supposed to do. And then like, if things get sour, I can just pull that whole line of business, that whole relationship.

00:48:13 Geofencing
Another really cool thing is geofencing. It’s about the same as running an ad these days, you can place a pin. And then you can say run ads everybody in this area, but exclude this region around it. So you can literally block off, you know, like a whole conference or something. And that’s where you just go fishing. And the ponds where you know, your fish are like, you can go to traffic and conversions and say, Hey, I’m having a dance party over here on this boat. Yeah, and just target the convention center.

00:50:32 Free content all over social
Of course we’re putting out we’re going to be putting out a lot free content all over social just teaching people these cool little bells and whistles and the social post triple plays an actual proper video guide. So if people are interested in learning more about that and seeing how to actually do this not just what we’re talking about you can just go to and you can get the social post triple play a market

00:53:06 Anything Gene Simmons
I want to do anything with Gene Simmons, even if it’s just like, have him consult with me on a project or something. I just, I respect what he’s done for taking Kiss and just literally turning it into an empire. And it’s awesome. And I mean zero qualifications coming from nothing like you know, literally, so then he’s just been killing it. So, yeah, and I think there’s a little bit of overlap between what I do and you know, what he’s about and hopefully with the charity, maybe that would be a pathway to that now.

00:54:43 No cuddles for Shoan
I remember my friend going, Shoan…dude, I gotta Kiss lunch box. And next thing you know, everyone in my elementary school has a Kiss lunch box, but me. I had to get like the environmentally safe lunch box with you know, I can’t even remember what it was. But it was like, Geez, mom just gave me a Kiss lunch box, you know?

00:54:44 Did you know they have a Kiss coffin?
That’s pretty dope. That’s pretty cool. They’ve had pinball machines. I want to be so damn badass that I’ve had not one but two Kiss pinball machines.

00:57:47 The quickest way to wealth is to learn how to turn advertising into profit
I helped Warren Sterling build the original machine in 2013 so like I’m very familiar with what DMhas, like I said, I recently went to their headquarters and taught about the scoreboard. I’ve also played around a lot more with things like HubSpot and Active Campaign since leaving Infusionsoft. So you know, cut my chops a lot more than that things like ClickFunnels. So yeah, I can help out that. And then of course, the traffic portion of it. And the recent years got real heavy into social advertising and PPC. And it’s like the modern stock market. Nick says the quickest way to wealth is to learn how to turn advertising into profit. Turn $1 into $2, when you can do that you’ll be wealthy.

01:00:16 Keep Children Rockin
In late 2014, I formed keep children Rockin and we provide music equipment repairs and donations to local school programs that need it. Since we’ve started, we’ve donated over 8500 to equipment and repairs to over 15 schools across the state of Arizona. And to fund this we have an annual heavy metal festival called The Dead of Winter Fest, which is now going into its sixth year as expanded into a full state tour, followed by a two-day festival the following weekend. So there’s a lot of event stuff.

01:02:18 The Dead of Winter Fest
The Dead of Winter Fest is coming up in 2020 at the end of January. Stay tuned for that coming up and help the kids, get more instruments, make better music and make the world a better place through music. All right. Appreciate it, Shoan.


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