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Wasting your time and spinning your wheels trying to make social media work for your business like your peers our leveraging?

The CEO of Warfare Marketing, Jena Apgar has got your back! She has built and implemented social selling systems for businesses around the globe from the startup to the Fortune 500 corporation.

Jena will take business owners, entrepreneurs, realtors and sales teams through the step by step process to mapping out a strategy they will start implementing in class – so bring your laptops and your team!

All the major platforms will be covered, what businesses they are good for, how to leverage each one and build assets needed even when you don’t have time or skills.



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We build out the automation so that they’re seamless 3:23
Man, I never know what to say about myself. So it’s become the running joke in my audience when I have to do 30 seconds or introduce myself, but I just kind of stammer around when I build funnels and do social and double business and I kind of stammer a little bit. I am I see my arms. Ex military. So that’s where the warfare marketing and I was an analyst. So the job you understand and massive amounts of information and understand how different pieces move and how people move and how wars move and strategies and tactics, but how they all can come together and make it useful to other people. So one of the biggest things that we we are is a strategist firm. So coming here and figuring out, here’s my situation, what the hell should I do? Okay, can I say hello in here? I already did too late now. Um, but then moving on from that, and we build out the automation so that they’re seamless. I hate websites. You know, of course, that’s the easiest thing like, what do you do for a living, I build websites. And I tell people, I build funnels, and all funnels are websites, but not all websites or funnels, build the homepage and all that stuff. But we make sure the entire site is a giant funnel taking in leads, and that they can get into a dashboard. And they can see this is how much this traffic how many leads are generated, how many dollars is generated. This particular page, this is how many leads are generated. This is how much dollars you sent out an email made you $67 made you 1900 dollars. I want to know how every single piece moves and flows. And make sure that that’s working for the client, the way they want to do business so they can make money while you sleep and not as like some slogan that some guru put together. Right. But literally waking up to find out you’ve made a sale.

Myers Briggs INTJ 7:10
I gave up on the challenge. For one reason I went over to G Suite where it’s like five or 10 bucks an email, per email. Yeah. And I did it just for the ease of setting other people up. Because then they can just hit the easy button of setup Google or Gmail account, and then just walk through the basic process, right? Because I just, I’ve lost the temperament we were just talking about, I’m a Myers Briggs INTJ, which is the rarest, especially female out of all 16. Like, there’s only point five of the female population that’s in there, super analytical, super, like thinking strategy, stuff like that. But the concept of me having to tell somebody over and over and over again, how to set up a basic email, and I map it, which seems so easy to me, makes me want to rip my head off and launch it at somebody. Right?

I get the goodwill 8:07
Yeah, I got all of that. And like, I don’t deal with that. But a lot of the things that I do, because a lot of people that they’re not on my real estate, they’re on their own real estate. And so with a lot of people that I work with, when it comes to me gifting stuff, one of the things is I have since I’ve lead pages, and I have five or is it five enterprise level lead page applications because I i early bird, is it right? I’m just saying that, like, get all this, like whatever you got at this enterprise level. And where it tops off, I get it four more times. So one of the things is, is I can give away. I could say hey, you can I’ll give you a texting thing. Got when when someone say like they say say warfare, and they text that out and they’ll say hey, put in your email address. Well then I’ll have that go to my own personal domain. Domain but I’ll forward it to Jenna warfare dot marketing. Right? And and then you’ll capture all the leads. And then I get the goodwill of giving away a killer marketing. Yeah, right. Or I do it for like $7 a month. It’s kind of like a little trip wire that I can use. But um, but when it comes to these other things, everything technology, where we fall in into issues is with people getting lost, and kind of tripping up on what’s really going on. So back to you with your funnels and your and your web pages and all that when someone first meets you. Well, before I get into that, what how do you have like a personal mission that that is you’re like, you know what, this is my mission in life.

There’s really no winning in motherhood 11:21
Oh, yeah, that’s true. Yeah. And then the other spot that I’ve looked at is coming from the the motherhood side is there’s really no winning in motherhood. If you work, when you become a mom, they are upset at you, if you stayed home, they’re upset at you. If you stay at home, and this became one of my own personal problems, you no longer make money. And the first time your husband has a bad day, and they turn around and say, you know, I’m done with you. And I’m going to get the kids and I’m going to get the lawyers, I’m going to take everything and you can’t do anything about it because you don’t make money. So I have two groups of people that I can personally associate with. And I see both of those groups struggling. And it makes me so angry, like, Hey, guys, great. And so my kind of personal mission is to create systems that small business owners, you know, solo printers, grab, two or three, like man shops like that are not big, right? These are real, you’re not like buying, you have building a massive portfolio, you’re just trying to put dinner on the table, pay mortgages, get some cars, kids and colleges, and then maybe start to you know, build your empire, I want to make sure all those people can’t. So when stars I can do those. So when somebody says you can’t do that, they can go FU and go build it. And, you know, one of the problems I found with both groups, is there something that’s a time commitment. So a lot of the military people kind of come out men get a job easy, right? I job and take a lot of time, they don’t get a lot of time to get a build a business. And it’s really hard for like a military person, the to get a good job that’s specific to what you’ve done, that process could be 912, two years, like a lot of time, right. And for moms, they don’t have time during the day, they want to spend it with their kids. So maybe they can work when the kids get dropped off, they have to pick them up at two. So you end up with like this tiny little work window. Or they’re, you know, they’ve got the kids but they can only work while they’re sleeping. And they tried to build these businesses, like the Small Business Association tells them to build, but it’s free, right? But everybody’s telling them how to build these big businesses, on business models that do not work for those groups of people and their time.

Sell little tidbits 16:08
Yeah, I am one that’s I work out really closely with fiber, actually hosting a big event at our office with them in two days from now. But I kind of started there. And I started because I was in if I had like this blog going on, but it was more just just keep my mental stability as on because when you’ve literally understood, taught and worked with rocket science, and then you go to staying at home with somebody who can’t talk, and you’re trying to say this is one and this is three, and this is a color red, and your brain is dying. So I start a blog. And then I get pregnant again. And I’m in the doctor’s office. And this child magazine says if you have a teenager and I have an 11 year old, and then if they want extra money, you should send them to Fiverr. And they can sell little tidbits and you know, write on a piece of paper, a brand new or something like that. But I’m like super protective. Like, that’s probably some of the military left in me. So I’m like if my daughter who’s only 11. And she’s female, and you want to protect the blue bubble wrap, right? That’s mother instinct.

Recurring revenue after just the first check 17:13
I want to know, because we’re dealing with money, we’re dealing with grownups, we’re dealing with people all over the world. And you know, that can go bad, right? So I go in there as a buyer, I’m like that square. And then I was like, I need to test this out as a seller, which means I need to be able to sell something because that’s what she would be doing. And so I figured out a way to sell something, I connected it to the blog, and I start selling these things for five bucks. Now, mind you, when I actually get into the heart of doing this, I’ve had like a newborn baby. So I have a newborn baby in my hand. I’m nursing that baby man nursed all the time. All I have is my hand and my phone, right and I could be my laptop. And it’s over here in the baby’s taking up my lap. And I’ve got like a toddler too. So half the time, I’m distracted or I only have the evenings to work, and each sells like five bucks. I learned early on like, hey, I need to upsell right $5 is too much work. But I can upsell into a $25 offer or $50 offer. And I just remember my husband being so irritated that I did a job for $5. He’d come back and he’s an attorney with like nine years of education, and $120 in debt going to college $5 I barely answered the phone for $5. Right. I’m just like, I could have been playing video games and eating bond bonds. But I made money while feeding your child and raising together one and getting that one to school on time. And by the way, taking care of my grandmother and making sure your mom isn’t lonely and that I get her out of the house. I’m still being ridiculed, because I made $5 and not $500. Right. But when you grow and that’s my whole thing is making sure those those micro clients can grow. There was a day then sitting on my desk after remember, we did the podcast with you the summit. Yeah, and I followed some of your advice. I got this one client, and then there’s just this whole check, not the whole payment because we had recurring revenue after just the first check. Just straight up $11,000 sitting on my desk. And you know, you sit there and tell him that and by the way, he’s had a bad month, and I say bad still clear 10 grand, but that day that we can make nothing and there’s 10 grand sitting on so how can your husband be angry at you or mean to you? He can’t boss you around at that point at the moment. You can out earn him right less time with more flexibility.

I sold my big luxurious house 20:38
I sold my big luxurious house that I had custom built with all my favorite granite and floors. And whatever I’ve sold, I sold my towels and got new towels. I haven’t gotten ever rid of everything like that. One thing that I thought was really interesting. Everyone told them find your mission. Vision, right? I just struggled so bad. My add is just all over the place not finding a home. The moment I found the mission, nothing else mattered. Yeah, TV didn’t matter. My favorite show didn’t matter. My million different art projects and all the tools that go with them didn’t matter. The house didn’t matter. My kids mattered. My mission mattered. My work mattered. family friends, it might be a thing. It might be that like in the 70s that was the whole thing. Like every time you went in anywhere a dentist’s office, or chiropractor’s office. They all had $1 in a frank I don’t see it anymore. But in the 70s everything, the pictures that everyone collects, I walk into my great grandma’s house and she had hers on like this cute little carousel, black and white and everything. I twisted it. And I watched the the thing that makes the picture just disintegrated until so the picture is now gone. It’s just a white sheet of paper. And I will immediately like hit panic. I’m like there’s a whole group of pictures that will be lost forever. When bought this expensive scanner where I could put like 100 pictures and at once it would just scan them real quick. And over 10,000 photos, went to my grandmother’s house, scan probably another 20,000 photos, then looked at all my photos and I was like they’re all gone. I scanned them all I took pictures of them all put them up in the cloud duplicated, shared it with all the family and got home. I gotten rid of everything I want to walk into my house and it’d be like a hotel. Add brain will just be quiet.

Surround yourself with military advisors 23:42
in Don’t get me wrong. The whole thing’s not sad, but so that you can fully expect inspirational coming from? Yeah. And it’s important to understand how like, you get gurus, they’re like, Oh, my life was bad. Right. And they tell you this story about it was bad. When he told you how bad his words was. We’re talking like his was so physically and emotionally traumatic in the crucial developmental years of his life, that there are physical damages that were never he was never able to truly grow the way he was supposed to grow. He had physical issues for a very long time that he had to overcome. It’s just a very, I mean, it’s written by a guy who was a navy seal and, and an Army Ranger, which typically not the same type of people. There’s just I mean, I love the military ethos. And that’s why I read it. And I needed the reminder of who I was like, don’t let somebody else take you down. Like, you know, Jenna, when were you the strongest in the military in the military. I had no problems like guys stepped out of line. And sky hit me really hard. And my tush got more my my vagina. I was so pissed. I slapped him. He laughed, slapped again. Laugh, slapped him again. People who smoke right in my face, just blood boiled. I remember I jumped up and just bicycle kicked and just run into the chin just threw him 10 feet into a glass card table. And I was like, I need that Jenna back. Where’s that Jenny? Where we find it? So I was like the only Jenna that’s like, that’s military. Jenna, how do you get that back, get your gym, clean up your diet, and surround yourself with military advisors. So that’s why I got the book. And if there’s no, he holds you accountable, he tells you like there’s an accountability mirror, you need to look in the mirror and be like definitely honest with yourself. You need to push your body your mind every single day like it’s,

Customer value journey 36:09
73, I found is be overwhelming, right? Most of my people are like, wow, like I can’t, they don’t even get it because they’re like 73 is just too much. And I geek out about like I will totally geek out. Right? As far as your calendar goes right? Before you even build a landing page before you build any kind of email automation stuff, just setting up a calendar and saying and putting that out there to people, whether it’s by private message or in networking groups or on LinkedIn, saying not only can you set up a consultation, but it’s not a consultation, I’m going to sit down with you. And we’re going to build out your customer value journey, we’re just going to strategize it in 20 minutes, and then we can talk shop about how we move forward from here. So I get to even introduce them right to a customer value journey, what my methodology as a marketer or business consultant is. So as somebody trying to get the very quick win, just setting up an appointment that one on one, FaceTime. No, it’s not scalable. But you can do it so quick. And it handles everything for you. But then you start putting leads in, right. And one of the things that Carter has done that I don’t see anybody except maybe like a HubSpot doing it. But HubSpot infinitesimally more expensive, is the ability to have all your data in one spot. So the moment that somebody comes in as a lead, every single action is tracked, I can tag them at every step of the way, I can tag them for getting on the calendar, I can tag them from getting a page, I can tag them for getting a link, I can send out a quick link survey is like a photo survey and say, you know, what animal do you have? Or you know, what’s your living situation? Or, Hey, are you a Mom, are you and a former addict? Are you the family member, like there’s just so much data, you can start putting together those points and it keeps it in there. And it tracks how much money each person is actually have been worth to you all in one. So later on, you can start sending out broadcast emails, you know those one off individual ones. And when you send it out, let’s say just the calendaring system, you put 100 people in the first month using like a methodology. What do you call yourself? forgot the name of it again? At my work? Where did you get a hold of people and the phone calls and

LinkedIn Job Change 48:44
Like nobody was reporting me like every now and then my automation would get a little wonky. Yeah, I would forget to change in my automated messaging. So like, somebody had a LinkedIn Job Change. It I started getting creative, though. And, you know, my one that was going out most recently was a fan of like, from Marvel, snapped his fingers and boom, LinkedIn Job Change. And everyone’s sort of like, Oh, my gosh, I’ve gotten so many of these today, and like, yours is my favorite. And now you start a conversation. And so I’m tip telling them, they made huge changes. Two weeks ago, they added a button to report, you know, sales pitches that were unwanted, I guess. And yeah, I don’t know how serious that is yet. So I’m curious, I think kicked off of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, I’ve been kicked off of everything. Well, I already have my one warning on LinkedIn from the early days. And so I wasn’t trying to tempt fate with a second one. So I’m kind of chilling. I went and got up my phone keeps on pinging me with it. There’s a new mobile app called, I was saying new it’s new to me, shaper. SHKPR. Another was a text.

Cultivated this audience in Dallas 51:17
um, it’s supposed to be 1130 to one. But it created 1130 in the morning till 1pm in the afternoon, so lunch, and I, my office is in a big lunch, like big office building. So lunch is a big deal ever over here. And I’m not doing evenings because remember, I’m a mom with three kids, I’ve got to pick up the kids, I got to make dinner and bath and homework and all that. So you have to create the business you can do. And that doesn’t include evening events, or I don’t want drinking events. So lunch it is. And it’s been cool. So I’ve kind of cultivated this audience in Dallas. My office except it’s so casual know that their friends, their peers, their mentors, their mentees. And they just start trickling in at 930 in the morning, and they know that my office is just like on Tuesdays. It’s just like, open come play some air hockey, I’ll do a presentation or I’ll bring speakers in so everyone else and you know, one of the comments, I get them like why do you bring other digital marketers? And I’m like, I can’t serve everybody. I’m not the right person for everyone. I don’t use them Infusionsoft. I mean, don’t get me wrong, there are some sidelines, like one of my competitors, if you will, is, is actually marketing 360, which I was looking for it to be an agency, right? I was looking for it to be someone who does exactly what I do. But people come out of marketing 360 figure out that they were overcharged for garbage that they’ll never own. Right. And so then they come to me to fix it.

Let’s do a big like Black Friday sale 52:53
up, you were talking about, you know, the people who go and they sell hope. Yeah, that’s what marketing 360 does, they sell the concept of hope. They tell you all these cool things you can do, they never tell you they’re going to gouge you just gouge you for the privilege, and that they’re not even going to like deliver the leads, because that big company doesn’t care about you, they’re not going to learn what your strategy needs to be, they’re not going to understand like, hey, you’re selling kettle corn, you know, what you should really do is put together a Christmas mix. And let’s do a big like Black Friday sale of nothing but red and green popcorn in a Christmas bag. And now you can charge twice as much for the same amount. And we can do a big thing to all these moms who need gifts for all the teachers. Yeah, like marketing. 360 is not going to give you that

Concept of split testing 59:24
like you know how we split to split test things when we’re running funnels and automation and ads and stuff. Um, I learned I never even knew this concept of split testing until I got into like the digital marketer world. And then I started noticing so you know, something would come up with my husband and I noticed that there were certain things that he was looking at and other girls and I was like, well, I’ll go do that. So one was like I asked like should I dye my hair purple or red now or keep it burgundy or brown and he was like blonde like never told me you like two blondes but OK, so like I’ll that’s on the pathway to purple. I have to go to white blonde before I can touch purple anyway. So I go to do blonde and when I finally get to like more of this white blonde, not the in between brassy tones, right? It split test better. I do have beautiful brown hair. So healthy and large and lush. And I get Leo it’s not even cone today. But the blonde I walk into a room. And everyone just turns and needs to talk to me. I’m like, so introverted. I’m like, what, just what just happened here? Like, why are you talking to me? It’s the blonde.

Traffic and conversions digital marketer, the expo in New York 1:03:44
wrap this up. So again, we got Jenna with warfare dot marketing. And she’s actually going to be speaking so let’s wrap this up. Traffic and conversions digital marketer, the expo in New York out there now you’re in the big time you’re with the guys with the ryan dices with the Gary value whatever How do you say his name danger Chuck and then you’re with the all these big speaker so you’re really a big time speaker now you’re with the people like you are the real thing. You’re not some fake marketer you’re not selling Hope you’re going to make a powerful difference in the people that connect with you at warfare Mark work for dot marketing. So how would people find you what are some other ways they can find you

73 point checklist 1:04:34
so the I guess the easiest one was going to just go to be the Carter Queen calm and we’ll have a list there that you can download. That’s just how to get started get set up and then take it all the way through 90 days. Not going to give you all the secrets and the base list if you are just getting started. And the other one is kind of like my little secret because I don’t really promote it. But if they do go to warfare dot marketing, there’s one to get these 73 point checklist. Yeah, you get a free week of social a free week I’ve done for you social done by people who do it all day every day.

Top right hand corner, it says free social, you just click there 1:05:18
So in the top right hand corner, it says free social, you just click there. The first thing is you’re going to give me my input your information. And on the second page, when you get there, you’re going to go ahead and set up a time for us to sit down for one hour, we’ll hop on a zoom call will get connected to your Facebook account, which is one of the hardest aspects of getting set up with an agency and then walk you through our process. And then during the process, we leverage the automation and cartridge to make sure we train you how to use the social media because Facebook organic It’s its own little beast right and it’s what everyone wants. However, you have to know how to use it or my services to you are worthless. And then even further than that learning how you can leverage that content because content is hard, but we don’t hold anything hostage so if I make a video for you, there’s one video included in the free week do you can turn around and take that video and loop it anywhere. I don’t care if you add it to your YouTube videos or you know a lot of what’s in the logo. I took one of them IG gk IC people you said yeah, I’m a copywriter who does them and we made her a cat like a mascot. And so the cats in the video and does a lot of the post like here instead of a quote from her. Right? The cat because she’s the crazy cat lady like 15 cats now that’s awesome. Nice. So yeah, so ganas, Jenna app car with warfare dot marketing, upper right hand corner, you’ll see free social, go ahead and click on that set up a time with her to chat. And she’s going to show you not how to just get social, but how to automate everything. And the first thing you need to do when you go into automation software to where you can make more money in less time, with less effort using automation tools. She’s going to show you exactly how to do that.


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