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Brian Keith’s Impact Framework is a formula for reviewing what you do to market your business,

identify shortcomings and make the necessary adjustments.

The intent is that those are adjustments that lead to a real change in your prospects and customers.

His program gives you a simple roadmap any business owner can use to benefit their business.


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Brian Keith – Intro 0:37
okay, we’re back. Welcome back. We’re on with Brian Keith. with red bird. Okay, hold on. Let me do it again. Okay, we’re back. And welcome. We got Brian Keith on the line with red beard consulting. I’m really excited about what’s going to be happening for the next half hour to an hour. Because when I met you, I don’t know if you remember this. But we met getting the Infusionsoft certification many, many years ago. 2013. Yeah, you’re sitting right next to me. You’re a lot smarter than me then.

I grew up with entrepreneurship being the default 4:53
Hi, I have two business owner parents. And so I grew up with entrepreneurship being the default, right? And then did a bunch of businesses that didn’t really work as a kid like everyone does. Luis, I assume everyone does have studied entrepreneurship in college and then worked for a marketing agency, after you’re out of college, and loved there did some great work with some great people. And I was on point salesman, and one of the contracts that I sold those to a company that literally sold candy to children. And I remember this sort of waking up after, you know, cashed in the commission, check. Thank you. And going, I just got paid to literally put candy in the hands of children. Yeah, it’s my purpose. And it was this very stark like, well, what am I doing here. And then that was part of what led me to end up leaving that company, and then eventually start my own company. And now the mission is that I only work with people who care about making the world a better place for their great great grandchildren, they’ll never meet nice, you care about making the world a better place for people, you will never directly experience their joy. That’s the people I work with. And everyone I talked to either you go like nice where you go. That’s weird. That’s weird, awesome. There’s a lot of other very talented people out there who love to work with you, and help you in your mission. I’m just gonna look for the people. And so like my flagship clients right now involve stabilizing the banking industry, or helping the world heal through music therapy, helping women get a better touch themselves and change their self talk. A client that helps you will manifest things, I just have all these clients, like one company that I work with, they help people be healthier through nutrition, and how they work out. So it’s always people who are oriented on not just first order benefits, but fifth generation kinds of benefits. And that’s what I get excited about now.

Climbing Mount Rainier 7:00
Yeah, I know, be buddies. Have you heard of Oh sat a mountain climbing group called one step at a time. Okay, I’m climbing Mount Rainier, one of the rope leaders was from Oh SAT. And so it’s a group of people who are former or experience addiction, alcohol, whatever else. And they say, it’s sort of like a recovered group, right. And they say, climbing a mountain is a great metaphor for recovery, in terms of length, duration, preparation, etc. And so part of their recovery program is if you do well enough, and you do all these trainings with that host that will literally take you up Mount Rainier, wow, you’re not from this area is a frickin huge mountain, it’s two miles up is how to walk to get to the top two miles up eight miles for nine miles that way. So it’s extreme. But that group is very mission oriented, where at one point I wanted to help out and the answer was no, that you have to have been through the program yourself in order to be allowed to go join the team right there very mission oriented. And it’s really just very good clarity, when you can say, here’s who we are, if you’re not part of this group, thanks. But now, right? And it’s and that mentorship thing, that challenge therapy is amazing. Now with you that you have things like that as well, you have your mastermind group and all that, we’re going to go into that in a little bit. But um, so you were working, you know, selling candy, and going through all that. And then you started, what was the your first business and was it successful? And if not, what happened? Let’s see have to define business, I guess, is this after working at the agency? Or is this as a child? Oh, could be as a child as especially? That’s where a lot of entrepreneurs, yeah, well, the first start as the first significant thing that have to be selling flowers, my dagger, who’s on our culture, at middle school, to other students and the teachers until eventually getting shut down by the assistant principal for selling flowers. And discovering that there are power systems out there that have more control than you do. Right. And doesn’t matter how good a profit you’re making per flower. If the powers that be say, you need to stop that, then you’re out of power. Oh, yeah.

Here’s how I measure impact 9:34
Yeah, I like making my own rules, working with the people that I get to know, advocating for the causes that I get advocate for, and really aligning myself with the right people. Right. One of my clients is about to drop a new book, and this is going to help a lot, a lot of people. And one of the things I get to do is go promote that book that I know it’s going to have an impact and here’s his I measure impact. First off, it’s am I working with people who care about the you’re going to benefit the great great grandchildren in love meet, once that is established. The second thing is what are the really third or effects of working with them. So I care about for my clients, how many people do they directly influence through their either the products, but also their social media, etc. And then how many people will be affected by those people change their lives in some way. So let’s take my client who is a music therapy industry, she teaches people, she teaches music therapists how to do their jobs better, be more creative, help more people. So I can’t forget to say, okay, she has so many clients, and then all those clients, those music therapists, they have all their clients and all those people’s families, what’s really fourth quarter effects with them reaches in the millions, with her legacy, the leverage is huge. And they’re never going to know who I am. But my leverage is huge. Right? At this point, if I can’t reach millions of people sort of sound snobby to say it, I probably don’t want to work in a really close relationship. Because we’re all getting older, we’re all gonna die. I only have so much years ago make an impact. So I work with people who the second or third or fourth quarter effects around the millions. And that’s just what’s interesting to me now. Yeah. And it’s great to have clarity, there’s a lot of people doing great work at very small scales. And that’s not really interested in. There’s a lot I like that I have free resources or I have like my impact Academy if you’re not, if you don’t have 100,000 YouTube subscribers, great impact Academy, do it great resource for people who are relatively small and not influencing millions of people at a time. Don’t see millions, then yeah, I’ll go and I’ll show up and get up early. I’ll stay up late. I’ll wake up at 3am worrying about your email campaign. Right. Now, there’s keeps on happening for some reason.

How did you get into it was all these it was infusion soft stuff 11:58
How did you get into it was all these it was infusion soft stuff. I was working for my mom’s company doing some database maintenance stuff. She did. But he said, hey, there’s this tool called Infusionsoft. I’m thinking they should use it. What do you think me being the guy spent years in marketing agency and with an entrepreneurship degree, and sort of techie looked at it said, This feels like a pretty good idea. And so we bought in with that client, my mom, my first client in this in renderer, consulting, just as campaign build was coming out in 2012. Right. And so we, I’ve been with the company and around it since then, she introduced me to some of her friends, other speakers, I’ve worked with two or three past presidents of the National Speakers Association, and got to work with people who can have a big, really big influence, and help them help more people. And you’ve

The leading accountability speaker in the country 13:34
Yeah, one of my clients, Sam Silverstein, he is the leading accountability speaker in the country. And I got to help develop delivery of quizzes for him, where people can go and he have and support him and go into corporations and organizations to go increase accountability as their competitive advantage. And so looking at emails looking at quiz questions, looking at the architecture of his system, how does he help people get more accountable? Books, it’s definitely get rubbed off on with the kind of people you work with. Yeah.

Jermaine Griggs automation clinic 14:36
it started off the stickers? Yes, it was professional speakers to start off with. And then I had the good fortune to come across Jermaine Griggs automation clinic in 2013. Right. And then I got certified, bought into that training, and automation clinic calm, and ended up being pretty involved in that community got to speak on His stage at let’s see, 2014 and 2015. And then that’s roughly 2016 is when you start starting quite as involved in infusion soft world. But I was really active and accurate for a couple years, and then sort of had grown at that point in a skill set and ability to work with people beyond just those smaller groups that I was working with. I’m really active in Facebook, the infusion, soft partners, but then also the monkey pod Grove. That’s great Jenkins, where I just love it. And then there’s only a couple hundred people. So it’s a much smaller, intimate group. It feels more like a community than some of these Facebook groups, we end up with five or 10,000 people. Yes, it’s a loud environment.

My book on Plus This 17:18
So, plus this, which if you’re watching on YouTube, here’s my book on plus this. You can get it at Redbird University comm slash book, but I love plus this, because it’s this tool set that helps people do vastly more stuff. And the it can just change someone’s business and their ability of how to really make their business really pay them really get a great ROI, serve more people. So I love that tool. I love Zapier because of just how much time it can save people, and just the ability to extend people’s abilities. I love Infusionsoft because, well, everything because it’s the core of so many businesses and extends your ability. But then the fourth one, which I guess we sort of actual entrance, your question? I think it doesn’t sound very cool or sexy. But WordPress, yeah. Because the average person has a tool that with minimal training can get their voice out to the world with no gatekeepers and no cost, right. And that is shocking for the cost of a domain. And even and just for your domain really, really cheaply. You can go get your voice out there, and the more people’s voices they get out there, the more higher quality ones will rise to the top and the richer the world gets.

Facebook marketing 20:56
my marketing strategies largely on Facebook? Well, there’s a few things I do. So Facebook marketing, in terms of mostly being active in groups, I do webinars, I help run the plus this monthly webinar, I do webinars for the infusion, soft partner community, I occasionally do ones for the impact Academy, though separate from what’s for the members themselves. I write books, we have the first book back there, the plus this book, The second book is called the impact framework, it’s available impact, or red beard impact. com, working on the third book now about another app. So this book back here, I had at success con this year in partner con, the two big infusion soft conventions, partner con, it was in physical form of the plus this table and then at success con, it was in physical form of the pluses table. And then I was also doing a book signing. So you could go on by and get the book sign. That was pretty fun.

Who has a bigger team 22:59
And then repeat that four other different groups that I serve, and see if I can just be the most helpful and a conspicuous fashion, then that’s a way because someone else can always come through and say, Hey, I got some great plus this offerings, I’ll just go put out ads everywhere for them. And do I really want to be competing at an ad dollar for ad dollar with someone who’s a plus this expert? Who has a bigger team? No. It’s a terrible idea. Yeah, I’d much rather play in ways that don’t compete. Like I have my podcast, red beard radio, how many infusion soft certified partners are podcasting? Less than 10? As far as I can tell? Right. So that means that each of us has relatively larger reach. And so I go interview all kinds of mostly Infusionsoft users and partners, but all kinds of people, and then putting that out or every day, and saying, great, I’m not going to compete. I’m just going to share my stories. And you will, if you listen to that podcast, you’ll learn a lot about me, and we get to build all that trust. But again, it’s very expensive to put out, right, because it’s a lot of time. Yeah, I have a team of four people who work on the podcast, it’s, as you know, from podcasting, it’s a vast amount of them GO put out the door, right? And I four different people. Shocking, that’s what it takes to go get this thing. And even then I’m still working on training my new Podcast Producer, to the point where I’m doing as little work as possible. And it’s as automated as it can be to the team of four people. Right? It’s just wild.

Maximum return from minimum amount of time 25:21
yeah. And then just get your transcripts put in a folder with the task for you to glance at it. Choose the five most important things and it’s really easy to read through a 20 minute podcast 20 minutes to listen or eight or 10 minutes, even at double speed. Right? collected. It’s down here. I thought I heard so just automate the heck out of it. Right? maximum return from minimum amount of time, right? I should my podcast should take me roughly a day a month. What episode or I record, two interviews per episode, or per hour. So when I interview people, I have one episode that’s about 20 minutes long, that’s more business focused one that’s more personal story focused. And so Jillian Kendrick was on there with how to remake a great lead magnet. And then or no, yeah, five. Similar I don’t know, it was unforgettable customer experience. That’s what she talked about five steps, one unforgettable customer experience that’s live right now on rubber dam. But her next one is from opera singer to entrepreneur, how to find her and follow your own passion by letting go of others expectations, something like that, right, the last 20 minutes. But they’re both really interesting and both different ways that the guests might use them in their own marketing, which will of course, get more people to subscribe to read by radio. Yeah. That actually brings me to like a question about with you, you have your book. But do you have like lead magnets or like landing pages or funnels that you use a little bit, not a lots built up? I’m in the position as so many consultants are of for any hour of my time, I could spend it either building my own systems, or I could build it up for a client and build something for a client and deploy it. Right. And so I have some things built up like I have a text message where you can get 10 weeks of tips about how to use plus this. I don’t really advertise it well. Yeah. How long would it take to actually make an ad and deploy it an hour? And I can have that running? 10 bucks a week, right? It’s so easy. Yeah, but our setup, I haven’t got around to it yet. But it’s so funny because guys

There’s a sophistication level for everything, right? 30:16
there’s a good word or not sophisticated, there’s a sophistication level for everything, right? If you’re talking with Jermaine Griggs, the sophistication level of the conversation is very high. Yeah, we’re talking to Greg Jenkins, if you’re talking to somebody who heard about Infusionsoft for the first time yesterday, and has never sent an automated email, their sophistication level is very low. And our goal as marketers is to talk to them at their sophistication level, right? 20%, or plus whatever the percentages, we can truly help them, but without overwhelming them, but also giving them the right information so they can choose. So if you say, Hey, I’m making a million, or 2,000,002 months from now I can say, well, let’s look at your numbers here a little bit. Okay, think maybe in a year, you could increase by a little bit, but not even close to that. And that idea you have it’s just not realistic. Sometimes that’s the best way to serve somebody to say I can’t do what you want to do. I don’t think anybody else can either.

Three things that I can focus on. 31:25
yes, can documentation process or how many procedures so one of the things I do is I say, give me all your problems, we list off even a Google Sheet or an Asana, depending on what the client likes to use, we list off everything that’s broken. And then we also have another list or part of that same list, which is where’s all the opportunities for making money that are not fully optimized yet, as far as you can tell? And people typically have if they take exercise seriously 20 to 50 projects, that are things that are either broken and losing the money, or are procedures that are not well optimized, or areas, they couldn’t make money, but they’re not doing it yet. And we do go from there, we say, okay, rate all these things, both about ease of resolution, either, it’s really easy, or it’s really hard, sort of in the middle in the middle. Tell me about how fast you think it’ll take to resolve. And then how profitable is it to resolve this thing. And some projects, it takes forever to fix it, it’s really hard to fix and the profitability is very low. And other kinds of projects, it’s pretty fast to do it. It doesn’t take that much effort of the profitability is medium, it we should do that one first. And then I usually say Great, let’s let’s narrow down to two to four, I really want have three things that I can focus on. So we can actually try to get something launched, ideally, every week a portion of a project or an entire project every week, or multiple things per week. That’s my full scale clients. Because once you get things launched, once you’re used to a weekly launch cycle, the momentum it builds is okay. It’s a day of the week, it’s the first day of the week today, well, what’s launching this week, better get hot. And then we go from and then we just keep on revising the list. So at least once a month, are we going to say okay, well, we have 20 things in our list of most important, great, let’s delegate the things that are not happy. Let’s put it down in the later part of our Asana section. And then of the 16 or 15, or their main, whatever it is, let’s choose two to four that are focused for this month. And then that’s the big focus. And then a small things come through, we can say great, that small thing is important. What’s my progress look like? On the big thing? Can I do these both? If I can’t, I’m going to ignore the small thing unless it actually is bigger than the big thing, which is ok. But then having clear communication around that, right? And it’s and I use the plus up symbols, the thumbs up sign. So I say okay, great at these 20 things we have go plus up three of them, and not more than four. And that way everyone looking at a project and Asana can see these are the ones that matter most and we’re also doing other things as they come up as time as available as energies available. But the obligation is we need to get everything thumbs up and you make massive progress if not totally resolved this month, if not this week.

What am I going to drop the ball on? 35:17
Well, yeah, we got to get rid of friction. So you can focus on what actually matters, right? If you have 10 things, and they all actually matter, then you need to have a talk with yourself in the mirror. say, Okay, let’s pretend for sake of argument not you couldn’t, let’s say just for sake of argument, you actually couldn’t do more than three things at a time. I did this with myself a while ago, I thought, I feel like I’m doing a lot of things. So starting to write down a sheet of paper, all the products that I’m actively involved in, right, all the clients, all the courses, I’m building everything I have deployed and selling every commitment I have for future projects, I had an entire sheet of paper disaster, how happened even possibly deploy an entire sheet of projects? One per line? Not possible, right? So total, then you say, Well, what am I going to drop the ball on? and decide beforehand? Because if you don’t decide beforehand, you’ll decide afterwards, when you actually do drop the ball and say, Oh, I guess that’s the thing I was going to drop I didn’t know about in advance. So I didn’t plan ahead and tell that person I can’t make it. Right.

Marketing opportunities 37:26
For anything? Um, well, let’s see, I do a lot of keep onboarding. So I’m gonna keep onboarding coach, among other things that I do. So I teach people how to use keep almost every day. And for that I teach people. So I have a checklist for that. I also along with Greg Jenkins made the keep starter kit sets a training course on how to use keep rubber University comm slash KSK. And so in that we have the list of here’s the five things you have to do to get started, here’s the four things you have to do to keep on a regular basis. So that’s sort of a checklist kind of thing. You know, watch the short little video, right. But I in general, I would say why I have a weekly call, I have a color coding system for my calendar. Where, like for me, client calls are recurring client calls are in purple. sales calls and marketing opportunities are in red, this interview is on red my counter because it’s a sales, sales calls flash marketing opportunity. onboarding calls are in light green, my podcast episodes are in grafite. lunchtime and breaks and personal things aren’t orange. So I have a well developed system, their training staff training time is in teal. So when I look at my week, I can look at it I can already feel is this a good week or something out of whack? If I don’t have any red this week or next week? That’s bad. Right? That means for some reason, my lead generation processes are not working. I’m either not on social media enough, I have not deployed enough lead magnets recently, I have not followed up with the people who expressed an interest and get them on the calendar. If I see to purple to little purple, that means something to little grey means something to little Sage mean something, too much of anything also means something, right? Because I know that I get the most of my energy to my, my clients. So if I have a day where I have, let’s say, six purple spots, that’s bad, I need to reschedule that, because I can’t really do more than four client calls of my high level clients in a day, that’s not going to work.

I hammer on that again and again 42:04
it can be complicated. What I focus on is I’m very serious in speech and action about building the capabilities of the business. Yeah, that includes all my training calls are always recorded in a dropbox folder that the client has access to and say copy those calls out, save a session of how we built everything, it’s on your you have a copy of it, right? always build everything and the client says Zapier, the clients plus this the clients Infusionsoft the clients Google Drive, with an eye towards, I’m going to make sure that when we say goodbye, whenever that happens, that you have as much independence as we can muster. And to that end, who on your team? Can I train about how to do extra? Why? Yeah, I just I hammer on that again and again. And then if I’m talking to marketing director, my question is, what needs to happen for you to look amazing at your job? What’s Where are you feeling like you’re falling down? What opportunities? Do you feel like you’re not taking in vantage of? How can we go address these so that you look way better? Because your role is getting filled better by having me around, right?

An affordable format 44:30
It’s a great question and answers help more people directly. Yeah, I have worked through quite a few clients. For the last seven years, I’ve sent many, many millions of emails I’ve resolved helped. I’ve aided in thousands 10s of thousands of sales, but really going to help more entrepreneurs direct way. And so this year, I started the impact Academy, it’s still pretty small, based on my book, the impact framework. And we’re getting together every other week, and getting to spend that quality time, but in an affordable format, where my other offerings at thousands of months aren’t appropriate for everybody. But I finally have a format because I was actually been there where you want to help somebody, but we’re at the stage there and their business means they can’t pay you 5000 a month. It’s just impossible. Right? And it wouldn’t really be an appropriate solution. So how do you offer them something that they can say yes, that that price works for me. And impact academies. Finally, where I finally figured it out is this style. And I’m really just copying Ollie Bilson. You know that guy.

Helping millions of people, the people are already at scale 45:34
Well, great. So that group is I was thinking about how can I help more people because 5000 a month is all well and good. And for some people, that’s great. But for some people that can’t afford that, and I looked down, he was doing his and I thought, if I did that, but then my format that I’m really looking for, which is he does a lot lot, a lot of live events. I don’t do any of those just yet. Yeah. Okay. So every other week, I’m going to have a forum where people can post their projects, so they can get feedback from everybody around here. Yeah, I finally sort of saw both his style within my ideas of what’s really important along with my book and my framework for how marketing works. That’s really where I went. So it’s still in the beginning stages is still pretty young. But I’m getting refined and figure out what’s really what’s really important, what’s not really important, because we always we have to assume that we’re going to suck at anything we start doing. Right? Yeah, where by the time I get to the 100th member, this stuff I was doing the both the sales pitch, and also the content for the very first number, it’s going to look amateurish by comparison as it should. So I just started, okay, well, I’m going to start, I’m going to give a founders discount, half off if you’re joining right now, because it’s not done yet. And it will get more better. So that really getting that into the hundreds of members where I’m actually helping hundreds of entrepreneurs around the world. That’s the big thing. And I’m not there yet. Yeah. And I’m working on it. It’s not my sole attention, really doing client work and helping millions of people, the people are already at scale. But then when you look at the impact Academy when I have 500 members, and you think about all their clients, that can obviously get me into the millions of people benefited.

The 20 easy way series 50:23
But they’re really more of the thought pieces. And then right here TV is screen share tutorials. This is precisely how you do this very small functions. Those videos are five minutes or less. So where I’m going towards as each thing I do each, here’s how to do this exact question or each each question I come across, make a quick two to five minute loom very simple tutorial goes on TV immediately. Every radio is that content. And then working on the next book right now. It’s on another app, it’s gonna be part of the 20 easy way series. There’s the next book in the impact framework is called the impact workbook and it takes the ideas, you get an impact framework, and then it’s a workbook. So you can actually go apply all those true business. Yes. next book in that vein. And then as we look at 2020 the big story is having my handful of full scale clients, and then growing the impact Academy and continuing to contribute to places like the monkey pod Grove.

Surround yourself with smart people 52:33
you surround yourself with smart people. And then listen. It’s not a bad way to live life. Yeah, absolutely. Okay, well, we’re coming to the top of the hour. So I want to thank you for showing up now. How would people find you what are some of the contact information, emails, websites, phone numbers, first thing is to go get the red beard impact framework book. It’s red beard impact, calm and it’s free. The second thing is you want to get the podcasts you can just say play red beard radio and to Siri, or go to red beard. I am. And then I’m on all social media as at red beard of Brian. And if you’re watching YouTube, you know why that’s my name.

I can really focus my energy 53:32
You know, I don’t right now, I did the group thing for a while. And I discovered as somebody have that keeping a Facebook group alive and healthy is quite challenging. out Well, I’m actually other people’s groups. I’m mostly active in the Monkey Park Grove. That’s right, Jenkins private group, you have to join us $35 a month membership. You can find out more about that a monkey pod marketing com slash red beard and get details on that. But in terms of groups, that’s, that’s the place that I’m putting on most of my energy. Yeah. And that way, what I’m doing is I’m leveraging Greg’s ability, right? Because Greg’s attention is really on that group. Yeah, so I go I lots of value to that group. But it’s also it’s one of these don’t compete things, right? If you’re, let’s say the biggest Infusionsoft users group on internet 10,000 people are. So if you say something really, really useful in that group, you’ll be drowned out in five seconds by somebody else. Right? Either something very useful or something not very smart, because it’s a huge group. And it’s not controlled, right? But instead, the monkey pod Grove doesn’t have 10,000 people. So I can really focus my energy, and really serve the handful people relatively speaking her in there. It’s 200 people, it’s less than 200 people are now so I can really serve those people. And so I find that to be a very functional way. And then someone says, I have this question. I might say, Great, I’ll go answer you, the monkey part Grove. Here’s my affiliate link to go buy your $35 month membership. And if you don’t care enough to invest in education like that, maybe I’m not going to answer your question quite as thoroughly as you would like.

Click FunnelsPro Tools 55:02
I was still about one you know, the Click Funnels guy, Jamie Smith, Click Funnels pro see a Pro Tools, that guy?
Yeah, I once asked him a question. And his reply was the smoothest reply ever. He said, Here’s your answer. And maybe he said before then he said, Great question. I’ll go give you the tool. I’ll write you a tool to do you want to do, by the way, go click here to go join my ICF Pro Tools. It’s 30 bucks a year, whatever it was. And he said, he said the magic words. I’m trying to get out of the habit of giving away information for free. And of course, I respected that. And it’s not like he’s asking for 1000 bucks. He’s saying join my club. It’s 30 bucks. Right? Obviously, right Jenkins thing is $35 to join the moment and then you get to ask me all questions all day long in the monkey pod Grove. And there’s a bazillion other really smart people in there too. So I’m Uh, I’m just going to copy Jamie Smith real smart guy. See if you use Click Funnels, CF Pro Tools com really critical companions using Click Funnels.


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